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My Partner is A Meat Eater

Updated on March 23, 2009

A vegan living with a meat eater!

One of the biggest personal trials can sometimes be when one person in a family turns vegan, this can cause no end of trouble when two different kinds of meals are required for each sitting.  While in many new relationships this does not seem a big issue it makes finding a restaurant or eating at home just that little bit more difficult.

The good news is that vegans and meat eaters can live in harmony as a family, housemates or in a new relationship.  Check out some of the Vegan Recipes on this site for some basic ideas on how you could create a meal for yourself in which you could add some meat later, or even some vegan meals which are simply so delicious that your partner, children or friends will not care that they contain no meat or dairy at all!

With any luck the difference in diets will not only give your partner a healthier lifestyle but it will also broaden both of your cooking skills and greatly increase both yours and your partners abilities to create delicious meals.  This will help you throught life, whether you are cooking for yourself or a party of guests!

The most important issue is to be open and talkative on your diet wih your partner, family and friends.  Only if they are aware of what kind of food you can and will eat will tehy begin to cater for your vegan dietary requirements!

Living Vegan for purely dietary purposes rarely causes trouble in the long run.  It is not however just dietary purposes that cause strife though.

Many Vegans chose their lifestyle in protest of the animal cruelty present in todays world.  And while not all people agree with some of the concerns of animal welfare activists if the difference is present in a relationship it can cause tension.

Relieving these tensions is very much a personal matter, the best advice we can offer is be understanding that not everyone shares the same concerns and values as others.  Hopefully the strength of your relationship will see you through!


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