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3 Reasons to Add GYMWRAP to Your Workout

Updated on August 15, 2017
The GYMWRAP in Burgundy
The GYMWRAP in Burgundy | Source


Time, energy, and...OUR HAIR! They're all good reasons why we don't exercise as much as we know we should.

If you wash, dry, and style every day, a workout would take up that time.

If you have a wash-n-go style, you HAVE to wash. Even if you don't have time...and still style.

If you have a relaxed (chemically straightened) style, forget it. The only day you can work out is wash day...or the days just before your salon appointment. And what's the point in that, right?

I want to keep (or get) fit. But as I get older, I find more and more reasons not to work out.

I like looking good. All the time.

I came across an ad for the GYMWRAP created by Actor Nicole Ari Parker when she first launched it.

I thought this new thing might make my exercise routine easier and a little more enjoyable.

The GYMWRAP helps me look more pulled together. It glams up my toughest, ugliest workouts.

I look strong and sexy when I pair it with a cute outfit. It even gets my ordinary workout gear some ratings.

When I tie it onto my hair, I get an instant "I can do this" swag.

My GYMWRAP replaced my baseball cap that always flew off to reveal scary hat hair.

No more ugly scarves or bonnets. You know...the one you sleep in. The ugly one you put on JUST before you pull the covers up. You know the one.

Or how about those sweatbands that look like you should be a cast member on "That Seventies Show"...or way back in the day "What's Happening!!"

My hair might be "tight and right" before my workout. I don't want to ruin that!

No. My hair has to be protected.

The GYMWRAP solved all these problems.

GYMWRAP is available in three styles: the narrow sweatband, the wide sweatband and the triangle. All have open ties for a custom fit.

Compliment your workout gear with a variety of colors to choose from. Fuchsia. Celadon. White. Black, Paisley...and many more to fit your personal style.

So, what sets GYMWRAP apart?

EVAPOTECH Technology
EVAPOTECH Technology | Source

GYMWRAP Is Technical Engenuity

Other than being super stylish, Gymwrap has three other advantages.

  • Gymwrap has technology called EVAPOTECH-three layers of specially designed fabric that wicks away sweat from the hair and face. These layers allow heat to escape and cool air to enter through the fabric.

This special technology keeps extensions free from damage...And no odor-causing bacteria.

  • It's designed for all men and women.
  • It's maintenance-friendly. Mine hasn't faded, shrank, or stretched from washing. It dries fast and stays flexible. And it holds no post-odor workout odor.


GYMWRAP Saves Time

GYMWRAP is easy on your time and your hair!

When your workout is done, your hair is free of sweat and ready for what's next.

Before your workout, simply tie it on. Use it to gently pull the hair up and away from your face. Tie is so that it's positioned to wick away the sweat from your forehead and your hair line.

If you have long hair, you can pull you hair into a ponytail.

The GYMWRAP does the rest.

It looks good just about anyway you tie it.

No more interruptions to wipe away sweat or readjust your baseball cap. Or scarf. Or bandanna.

BONUS! You can wear it to bed if you sweat at night.

After your workout, put it away until your next workout. Or toss in the basket for laundry day. It doesn't hold odor.

The GYMWRAP gives style, sexiness, and convenience to your workout. And it adds time to your day...and night.

Nicole Ari Parker Explains which GYMWRAP style is right for you.

© 2017 Erika Lynne Campbell


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