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My Review of the Black Peel-Off Face Mask With Charcoal by Corpore Sanctum Studio

Updated on September 5, 2017

Hello my lovely readers! As you may have guessed by the title, I am back with another product review from Corpore Sanctum Studio. I previously reviewed the Skull Stem Cell Face Serum and talked a little about the companies values and ethics in my last article, which if you haven't checked out already you can find it here.

Since receiving my Skull Stem Cell Face Serum, I have used it every single day and I have to say the results are incredible. So, of course I wanted to bring another of their products into my life. This time I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences of their Black Peel Off Mask with Charcoal for Acne and Blackhead prone skin.


Everything Charcoal

I know that the internet has been going crazy for everything charcoal related for a while now. From teeth whitening powders and pastes to unusual food creations and beauty products, so it's no surprise that when you search for a ''charcoal face mask'' you are bombarded with hundreds of results.

I'm sure like me, you too have seen many of these black peel off masks that will supposedly ''rid your skin of impurities'' and ''work miracles'' only to find that they actually do nothing at all; except make a huge mess of course.

Knowing all this most likely has you skeptical about trialing similar products to these, and trust me, as much as I love Corpore Sanctum Studio I was a little apprehensive too.


As I mentioned in my previous article, CS Studio offer completely natural, ethical and cruelty free products, which of course is a huge draw for many people including myself. The Black Peel Off Mask is no exception to this so you can make your purchase without any concerns for how it has been created.


I recently received my Black Peel Off Mask and as someone who is very obsessed with face masks, I couldn't wait to try it out.

The CS Studio Black Peel Off Mask aims to purify and soothe problem skin with it's unique bamboo and charcoal ingredients. The high quality clay works to unclog pores thus leaving skin looking smoother and healthier with a noticeably reduced appearance of pores and blackheads.


My Experience

The packaging is as always with this company, well thought out. The simplistic yet sleek black design allows the bottle to blend inconspicuously with the rest of the collection and the pump action keeps the mess to a minimum. The bottle holds 30ml of product but also pushes the product up which ensures that you are making the most of the contents.

After exfoliating and using my MiroPure brush to cleanse my face, I patted my skin dry and applied the Corpore Sanctum Studio Black Peel Off Mask using an applicator brush. Though the instructions advise applying the product exclusively to the affected T-zone areas, I opted for a full facial application as I generally find my skin is affected by enlarged pores and impurities.

Although the instructions state that a thick, even layer of the mask should be applied, I was initially quite shocked by how many layers I was putting on my skin which left me with some concerns that it wouldn't dry thoroughly within the allotted 25-30 minute time frame. Thankfully I needn't have worried as regardless of the very generous application of product, I was pleasantly surprised that it dried in much faster than anticipated.

Having tried charcoal peel off masks in the past, the peeling stage is usually where the finale of disappointment occurs but with the CS Studio mask, my experience was completely different.

As I started to remove the mask I noticed and immediate difference from all of the other masks I have tried. First of all, this one holds so tightly to your skin that it takes some effort and stings a little to remove, but not uncomfortably so (it's actually a rather enjoyable experience). Most importantly, when removed I noticed immediately that almost all of the impurities from my skin were gone and my face was left feeling amazingly smooth and fresh. I followed the process with my Skull Serum to balance my skin PH and complexion.


If you want to get your hands on one of these masks (and I strongly encourage that you do) then head over to the Corpore Sanctum Studio website to place your order! The mask retails for just £12 but is now on sale for £7.90 making it amazing value for money and they also very generously offer free samples with every purchase!

If you place an order I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this mask in the comments section below.

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