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My Search for a Real Way to Remove My Tattoo Without Lasers

Updated on May 6, 2011
Any proven ideas removing tattoos without cutting them or using worthless creams? Please let me know and I'll share feedback with everyone.
Any proven ideas removing tattoos without cutting them or using worthless creams? Please let me know and I'll share feedback with everyone.

Tattoo Removal Advice Sought

I love the Internet. I believe that if you look long enough, you can find the answer to almost anything. Some answers are better than others, and some are more accurate, useful and timely.

But for the past 2 weeks I've been stumped.

Every search I've made for a proven, non-surgical way to remove the tattoo on my wrist has hit nothing but bogus claims made by a handful of tattoo removal cream manufacturers and affiliates.

Every time I come across a blog or review site or Q&A board where someone has sincerely asked about which Tattoo removal work the best, they end up bombarded by reps from these various companies. Or, you get the Laser reps who insist that the only way to remove a tattoo is by getting it lasered off.

The most interesting solution I've read about is a business owner is Texas who injects a saline solution into her client's tattoos, "pushing" the ink to the top or help it to dissolve. But, that doesn't help me either. I live in Milwaukee not Texas. There's got to be another way!!!

I got a little frustrated and tried to sandpaper off my tattoo. Didn't work. The idea was to remove the outer layer of skin so that anything I put on top of it would absorb into the dermis and get to the ink. After rubbing the tattoo (pictured above pre-sandpaper) with the sandpaper, I wet the tattoo and applied Kosher Salt. I literally rubbed salt into the wound... and it hurt!!! This did provoke an inflammation response, which I read is a good thing because that is a sign the body is repairing (and maybe forcing the ink in the dermis to the surface?)

I must say, I was happy to see black skin in the bathroom sink. It tricked my mind into thinking it might be working. Currently, a small part of the tattoo is sort of infected. I've been applying pure Vitamin E every morning because tattoo artists say NOT to apply Vitamin E since it supposedly lightens the tattoo. I also read that Vitamin E somehow oxidizes the skin assisting in lightening the ink.

One of the sites suggested using an apricot exfoliant daily on the tattoo to do a natural skin peel and then to apply the Vitamin E. Yay or Nay?

What about essential oils? Do any of them have the ability to be absorbed into the skin and interact/break up the ink?

I have only seen evidence that laser removal works and most of the tattoo pictures featured on sites like tat b gone, tattoo off or tattoo wrecker look like someone is having fun with PhotoShop.

I would really like to get comments from people who have removed tattoos at home, on their own, using relatively easy to acquire items that did not result in maiming, burning or scarring.

I'll continue to add any findings on this page, and will be happy to post your before and after pictures as well.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. There is power in numbers and in numbers of people being honest and sharing their successes.


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    • profile image

      21 months ago

      Gosh, you sound educated enough... why would you go through all those stupid processes to get rid of your tattoo... you'll get rid of your whole arm soon enough if you continue !

    • profile image

      Marti 2 years ago

      I am trying to figure out a way to bring aloe vera deeper into the skin (are there some natural transdermal carrier? isn't the use of dmso on tattoos problematic, cause the ink will be carried in blood stream? or maybe exactly this could fade the tattoo effectively?), cause it enhances macrophague number and activity. So they might fastly replace ink-containing cells while always inducing light inflamations if the inked skin. for that reason I do micropeelings using towels anf fruit acids & lemon juice as often as possible. in between peelings i put aloe vera and vitamin e oils.

    • profile image

      Kate 2 years ago

      I tried to frostbite mine off (salt and ice until the skin is frozen stiff). It didn't get all of it, but there was definetly an improvement once the skin healed!

    • profile image

      chloe 4 years ago

      What's dmso

    • profile image

      Bob 5 years ago

      Try DMSO and lemon juice over a period of time

    • profile image

      les 6 years ago

      I just tried the salt it peels off the skin and my god it herts never agen!!

    • profile image

      lavinia 6 years ago

      i have a few tattoos....all small and all done a while ago, im ok with them but i have a small flower on my right arm and a tribal braid with a flower on left arm and it limits what i can wear at work as tattoos are not percieved as professional. i need those two tatts gone but laser is too expensive. the whole salt thingy sounds scary and i would bet i'l get an infection. looked at the creams......hhhmmm know what you mean about pics looking photoshopped. guess i'l just have to cover my arms for the rest of my life....bugger!!!!