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Whats in my 2017 September Ipsy Bag

Updated on September 22, 2017

To think that its already September of 2017 and we're sliding into the Fall season is CRAZY!

Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween decor popping up in stores, and the mall smells like cinnamon spice candles, its a season we are getting dragged in to whether we like it or not! This means it is time to update our beauty routines for hair, and skin products. I update my beauty routine by following one important rule, which is drinking more water to keep hydrated and updating my shower gel to a moisturizing cleanser. This year I'm thinking about trying out Nivea Shower Gel. Let me know if anyone has already tried it!

As far as makeup I am a monthly subscriber to IPSY so I constantly get new products to try out. Here is what I got this month!

Whats in My September Ipsy Bag?

My Ipsy bag was pretty fun this month. I recently took the quiz on the website to update my likes and wants from all the brands. I choose more hair products, tools such as brushes, and face serums. I was pretty excited to see what I would receive with my updated results.

1. Zero Gravity Volume Powder by Eva Nye.

-This light powder has a very thick feel once applied and it does work as far as volume, but the size I got in the Ipsy is very small so definitely invest in the bigger size because you'll run out quickly. It is a little messy, especially if you're wearing a black shirt because the little white dust will get all over, but overall it lifts and blends nicely to the color of your hair. It also works to absorb the natural oils on the scalp as a dry shampoo.

2. Luxie 207 Medium Angeled Shading Eye Brush

-This brand is a first to me, it is soft and easy to hold. Once color is on the brush it doesn't cause streaking on the eye lids and transfers the color well on to a primed eyelid. I might look into buying the powder brush from their site to update my current brushes that are very dry and have loose bristles sticking in every direction.

3. Real Flower Cleansing Water ROSE by NEOGEN Dermatology

-This is a soothing bio-cleanser, very skin friendly and not a harsh mix. It is a cleansing water and I use it as a toner after I wash my face. I apply very little to a cotton pad and wiped my clean face before I went to bed. I have always been a fan of natural skin care as well as anything with roses. I currently am still using my bigger pump bottle of rose oil for bed time, because it helps skin stay moisturized when you sleep and repairs your skin cells. I feel the rose water is better in the day to tone because it drys fast and you can apply makeup right after. As far as the Rose oil is nicer when when going to bed so it can really sink in to the skin.This was my favorite product I received!

4. Contour and Lightening Palette by Nomad

-This product was very small and can barley be used to dip a brush into with out mixing the two sides, although I will say the colors are really nicely formulated because of the shimmer they transfer along with the color. I like the feel of them and as long as you have a soft brush to apply on the cheeks with, the shade won't look streaky on. I give this product 3.5 stars/5.

5. Radiance Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox Cosmetics

-My last product I would say, a little goes a long way. The formula is so rich and bright that you can add a dot on your cheekbones and it'll be enough to show through your foundation. I don't think any foundation works, I think it is formulated to work better with the smashbox line, but it worked with my FIT ME foundation by Maybelline. I think it smears a little thick on the skin, but use little by little and apply on your highlighted points so you don't look oily all over. I give this product 4 stars/5.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this months IPSY!


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