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My Summer Fashion No Nos and Pet Peeves

Updated on July 14, 2013
Too tight!!!
Too tight!!! | Source

I am not a fashion expert at all and I do have my moments of fashion horror stories, but I am a keen observer in the matters of people. And I’m sure a lot of people are too, especially now that it is summer time and the fashion criminals come out to play (and offend). This is not meant to be mean, snotty, or overtly judgmental (maybe a little bit). This is meant to be a mix of opinionated, helpful and humorous writing, so if you don’t have a sense of humor click away. By the way I’m laying it all out there so tough love baby!!. :)

Summer Fashion?: No!!!
Summer Fashion?: No!!! | Source

Sandals with socks

This is counterproductive; either wear sandals without socks or ditch the sandals and wear shoes with socks. Sandals were meant to bare feet, not be stuff into socks and out in the public. Plus socks in the summer makes for one bad case of hot, smelly athletes feet, so one of the other, please!! Your feet will thank you later.

Ill-Maintained Feet

While we’re on the subject of feet, gross looking feet is a no no. Bunions, corns, dry cracked toes, overly long toenails, or toes that look dangerous and threatening, should not be put out in public. Imagine going to a restaurant and having seen feet as I describe it. Yea its enough to make you lose your appetite. Its stomach churning and highly offensive, so wash your toes, clip your toenails and show the public that you’re not as gross and unhygienic as your feet.

Speedos really?
Speedos really? | Source

Too tight clothing (this includes tops, shorts and swimsuits, etc.)

If its too tight and I can see the crack of your butt, the outline of your underwear or bra then that is a strong no no. You’re supposed to comfortable, not look like you’re suffocating. Plus its dangerous, clothes can trap body heat and cause not only smelly sweat but can cause you to pass out and die. You don’t want that (do you)? All joking aside, buy clothes that fit you

Sagging and loose clothing
Sagging and loose clothing | Source

Too loose clothing (this includes tops, shorts and swimsuits, etc.)

On the opposite end, loose clothing. This is specifically towards guys. Loose clothing includes saggin.’ If I can see the color of your boxers or the skid marks on your briefs, then you’re doing something wrong. Loose clothing is the breathing ground for sweat and overall stinky-ness.

Super Mullet
Super Mullet | Source
Men's Summer Fashion
Men's Summer Fashion | Source

Age inappropriate clothes

Whether your dressing too young or too mature, dress for your age. Please don’t give the dress the age you feel, or the “I’m the mature for my age excuse” or the forever young 62 is the new 21 bs. You are not age-less or age-invincible, so cut it out and keep it real. You should be proud of what age you are and your choice of clothes should mimic that. That fifty year old (who looks fifty) working a glittery shirt, tight fringe short shirts or that ratchet “short shirt that doesn’t cover your ass with leggings look” is a no no.

The same goes to that fourteen year old a wearing cleavage revealing shirt, blood-red pouty lips and crazy high heels. By the way guys aren’t forgiven too, that snapback/baseball/fitted cap, sneakers and jersey look has an age-limit too. Stop it and be honest with yourself.

Outdated clothes and styles

Outdated clothes and styles are not so bad because the vintage/retro look can look good. Even so if its outdated, weather inappropriate and involves any of the scenarios above then that is a no no. Also if it involves, Timberlands, 90s overtly darker outlined lips, mullets, Over Plucked Eyebrows, anything with Dickies on it, fanny packs, Ed Hardy, Fubu, or tracksuits please throw it AWAY.

I'm all for living and let others live but sometimes in the words of Gandhi, "live simply so others can simply live," rings true here too. Everyone should have a say in what they choose to wear, you are the master to your body. Even so, clothes aren't supposed to make someone else feel uncomfortable, offended or even feel sick. The clothing horror stories I listed, can also be inappropriate and highly offensive too (especially for your nose and eyes). Clothes are supposed to compliment you and make you look and most importantly feel good. It supposed to show your personality, individuality, and express your feelings and outlook on life. If you express yourself in the wrong way, it’s a poor reflection on yourself. You know what’s best for you (I hope) and you should strive for the best possible you. I hope you enjoy this post!!!

What are your Summer Fashion Pet Peeves?

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  • danicole profile image

    danicole 3 years ago from United States

    @peachpurple: haha!!! he should have never put it on

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    the first picture gave me an "Ouch!" that is too tight or he is showing his butts that I don't fancy!