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My Summer Rant: What I Love and Hate About Summer

Updated on July 14, 2013
Summer: Freedom, Opportunity
Summer: Freedom, Opportunity | Source

Hello All I’m sure you read the title. Hmm, you want to know my thoughts on summertime. Summertime and the idea of summer is beautiful. The sun, the freedom and adventure it symbolizes and the prospects for love, happiness and overall fun. Overall summer isn’t just about fun, there are some things I can’t stand. And so, this is my summer rant, of things I love about summer, of things I can’t stand and can do without, of my pet peeves and fashion no nos. I hope you enjoy.

July 4th!!!!
July 4th!!!! | Source

What I Love About Summer

Slower Pace

Everything slows down and is more relaxed in the summertime. This is probably due to the hot weather which makes it ridiculous to walk fast or rush but its like time slows down as the weather gets hotter.

Socializing with Family and Friends

This is the perfect time of the year for you to hang out with family and friends. The weather is mostly nice and comfortable. The sun is out and magnetically pulls you from your winter slumber, your laziness, and your routine, to bask in its powerful, glorious rays. You are drawn outside to the park, the beach, the lake, wherever the sun and breeze takes you.

Plus Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day and a couple of holidays are about celebration with food, music and laughs about national pride, honoring the troops and gathering together. Also this is the time of the year where college kids are home for break and those working full time get to take a vacation from work. So there is a lot of free-time to explore, to go places, and see people. The perfect time and opportunity to get re-acquainted, reestablish, rejuvenate, and rekindle relationships.

Summer: Independence, Laughter, Joy!!
Summer: Independence, Laughter, Joy!! | Source
Summer: Freedom, Craziness, Adventure
Summer: Freedom, Craziness, Adventure | Source

The Freedom

Freedom for adventure, freedom for freedom, adventure for adventure, and adventure for freedom. What ever way you say for phrase summer gives you balls, chutzpah, the confidence to go seek out freedom and adventure. Whether its friendship, love, new goals, or some time of new beginning and ending, summer like spring is a transitional period where things transform and seem to get better.

The beauty

The sun illuminates everything and nothing’s more beautiful than the sun on the sky, against the ocean, running through trees and grass, or the open road. Or the sun shining directly on your mom, or dad, siblings, friends and significant other as they bask and bring out their beauty. The sun and its beauty is endless and to be a witness in this beauty is a blessing in itself.

Summer: The Beauty
Summer: The Beauty | Source
The Sun's Fiery in X-Ray
The Sun's Fiery in X-Ray | Source
ok........... | Source
Drunk People are "so" fun to be around
Drunk People are "so" fun to be around | Source

What I Hate about Summer

Heat Waves and Hot Weather

Yes this is the key ingredient to summer time. Yes it seems illogical and impractical but heat waves and overtly hot weather seems ridiculous and mean, especially if you’re no way near an air conditioner or cold cup (glass or bottle) of water. unlawful. Its annoying walking out in the heat, heading to work in the heat; pretty much doing anything in the heat. Plus you can’t seem to enjoy the beauty of the sun, if you feel you’re going to past out or barf from too much sun exposure.

Offensive Odors

Your odors, your brother’ odors, other people’s odors, and animal odors, the heat seems to bring out the worst smells. Whether its garbage sitting out on the curb waiting to be picked up, dog’s doo doo/poop, homeless and drunken people’s left-over piss, the heat seems to induce unbearable stench. Plus personal hygiene and cleanliness seems to go out the window. Oh gosh the smell and stench of underarms or unwashed hair and bodies. Just because you’re wearing less doesn’t mean you can skip a shower or your deodorant. Yea I know gross!!

Offensive and Crazy Behavior

Crazy dui driving, shoot-outs and violence and other cringe-worthy moments, the heat seems to biologically make people do some of the most stupid things. Public drunkenness, sexually offensive remarks and leers from old men (and women), pointless fights (partially from booze-fueled rage) are some of the things I hate about the summer. Not only does summer give you the freedom and confidence for adventure and new beginnings but also this weird mix of confidence and invincibility that is bound to get someone and those around them in trouble.

Highly inappropriate, both him and his friend
Highly inappropriate, both him and his friend

Inappropriate Gross Fashion Sense

The summer is about letting loose and relaxing in all forms and expressions, including in the way you dress. Even so these three months does not give you the excuse to throw on clothes that you can’t get away with ever (Yes EVER).

Too big, Too small, too tight clothes, or too loose clothes, (btw it doesn’t matter if you thin or on the thicker side, if you’re guilty of these things it is a no no).

Not to mention an eyesore, but it can be highly offensive, unhygienic and disrespectful too.

Uncalled for Reactions to Summer Clothing

ATTENTION: Have you ever been leered at in a demeaning way? Have a random stranger pushed up too close to you on a bus or train? Or a random person on the street catcalled you in a disrespectful matter? I cannot stand the "standing too close", the ogling, the sexually offensive, rude or disgusting remarks creepy little "men" (or women) make to someone (especially females) in regards to an outfit they are wearing. I have both witnessed and experienced this, especially during the summer time. Summer is hot and there are times and situations where the weather dictates your choice of clothes. This includes and are exclusively for those times when you're to going to the beach or pool, out to a club or party or going out on a date.

A group of girls on a hot summer day
A group of girls on a hot summer day | Source

***This may seem like a direct contradiction to my points about inappropriate summer fashion and my previous hub titled:,"My Summer Fashion No Nos and Pet Peeves", but its not. Inappropriate summer fashion is seeing someone wear something that makes you feel offended, uncomfortable, gross-out, and wronged in some way. Even so, you think these things and don't say them out loud. You don't express your opinions, feelings by commenting, harassing or demeaning these people about their choice of dress , as oppose the situation I am talking about now. *****

The situations and reactions I am describing now are brought on by unwanted attention and opinions from others. These comments are often made by eager and perverted men and women who feel the need to say something that is mean, creepy and offensive. No one should verbally/physically harass you about what you are wearing.

Who wants to be leered at for what you're wearing
Who wants to be leered at for what you're wearing | Source
Bridge of Happiness
Bridge of Happiness | Source

So these are the things I love and hate about summer. I mostly love summer but some things on my hate points are inexcusable. Even so this is my rant to you. What Do You Love and Hate About Summertime? Let me know what you think below. Thank You!!


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