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My Thoughts on Maple Holistics

Updated on January 8, 2013

It's been a few weeks

Eating healthy really made a difference for me, but my irritated scalp line only went away when I started using this. The other shampoos kinda dried out red bumps along my scalp and my hair was still slightly oily but I’ve been using the oily hair shampoo by Maple Holistics and my head has never been better. I can finally comb my hair without it hurting by my scalp line, and my hair doesn't shine because of greasiness anymore.

For myself it's the perfect shampoo as since I actually have an itchy scalp and oily hair problem. If that is not the case by you then I'd look elsewhere. Although, Maple Holistics does carry shampoos for other hair types and I'd try one of those out.

I've tried Nizoral before, bought it from Amazon and it just didn't work for me. If I used it more then once every 3 days I'd get dry skin/rashes... all in all, just stick with Maple Holistics.


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    • profile image

      dave 4 years ago

      great article, i love em too