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My Top 5 YouTube Fashion and Beauty Gurus

Updated on August 6, 2012

It is no secret I love YouTube, some of my favourite things to watch on YouTube are fashion and beauty tutorial videos. There are so many really successful girls on there who really know what they are doing when it comes to beauty and fashion. Some of these girls are making a living making videos and vlogging their day to day lives. Here are my top five YouTube beauty gurus, please note, they are not any particular order. These are just the girls I like at the moment! So, go check them out if you need beauty and fashion advice.


One of the girls I am loving at the moment is a girl called Beautycrush. She is really cool, one of the main reasons I like her is the fact that she is from the UK. I am from the UK and there are not that many really successful YouTube beauty gurus from the UK. She vlogs and blogs about fashion, beauty and her day to day life. Check out her video below.

Beauty Crush

Shirley B Eniang

Shirley B Eniang is another UK YouTube beauty and fashion guru. She mainly does fashion stuff, tutorials and other bits. She is really pretty and she seems really down to earth too. So, if you want fashion advice and some beauty advice then go check her out! You can check her video below.

Andrea's Choice

I totally love Andrea's Choice , she has a quirky style and the way she films her videos is totally unique. She does beauty tutorials, fashion tips and DIY fashion ideas. I love her, and I can't get enough of her crazy, cool vids! I could seriously watch them all day! Like no joke! Here is one of her videos! If you need fashion, beauty advice and or ways of recycling your old jewels, just take a look at her channel. Trust me you will love it!

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the most successful beauty gurus on YouTube.She knows what she is talking about! If you want to get tips on beauty then check out her channel! She gives clear, concise advice on how to apply make up and get different looks. So, if you want to change up your style then subscribe to her channel and see what she has to offer! Check out her video below too. Enjoy ! xxxx


If you have natural afro hair then check out KimmayTube. Her videos are so detailed and so well thought out. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to afro hair, she has managed to grow her hair really long despite the pitfalls of breakage and various other problems that afro hair faces. Check her out if you want some proven afro hair tips.


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