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Best Lotions Tried and Tested

Updated on January 28, 2011

Maintaining soft, beautiful skin is nearly impossible. I've compiled a list of the best lotions I've found for almost any occasion.

Best All-Around Lotion

One of my all-time favorite lotions is called Mystic Silk in the Far East Escape collection by True Blue Spa. It's sold at Bath and Body Works but has been discontinued by some. Its light moisturizers don't feel heavy on my skin so it's great for right after a bath or during the summer months when it's too hot for some of the heavier creams. The scent is very light and fresh. It makes me feel clean wearing it. Key ingredients: Silk Protein and Rice Bran Oil.

Best Face Moisturizer

I have relatively oily skin, so anything that is heavy will not work for me at all. My favorite is Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF 15. This is an oil free formula with an SPF. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy like a lot of moisturizers tend to do.

Best After Sun Lotion

Another True Blue Spa product, Hold It Right There is one of my all time favorite products. It contains aloe and tea tree oil which help restore moisture to skin that has been exposed to prolonged sunlight. I've been sunburnt so badly I looked like a lobster, applied this several times a day and didn't peel. It's my summer standby product.

Best Anti-Cellulite Cream

Face it, we all have it. I'm on the skinny side and my (pardon my french) ass is riddled with this stuff. Mary Kay makes a great product called Timewise Visibly Fit Body Lotion. Even though I do yoga several times a week to tone up, I use this stuff on my "problem areas." I definitely notice a difference when I use it and I recommend it to anyone looking for a product like this.

Best Hand Cream

Again, another True Blue Spa Product (or two), I seriously love this stuff. The Shea Cashmere Hand Cream is one of my favorite hand products. The shea butter in the formula is amazing. Not only does it smell like frosting (someone might just eat you up!), it makes your hands feel like silk.

If you're not into smelling like frosting, I would recommend Look Ma New Hands, which has paraffin in it to lock in the moisture so your hands aren't just moisturized for the first five minutes.

Best Moisturizing Body Wash

Rounding off the list of my favorite moisturizers is Dove's Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash. It's got a light green tea and cucumber scent that isn't heavy or irritating and it rinses clean while helping to keep some of the softness in my skin that other shower gels won't keep. It's also great for more sensitive skin.


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