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Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Updated on June 18, 2013

A little bit about getting to the Lasik Eye Surgery

I had corrective lasik laser eye surgery done on my eyes in 2000, the eyes still appear fine. The Irish surgeon said it might deteriorate in my late 40’s, I am turning 51 now, the last 6 months I can only not read the very fine print the rest is still perfect.

How I came to have it? My eyes were pretty shortsighted I knew that from my driver’s license that I had come to the end of the line. I wore contact lenses for many years, all the hassles I had whilst traveling to other countries where I had to get a fresh set of the disposable lenses. An American friend of mine on cruise ships had the laser surgery done and highly recommended it to me, she did have to have the one done again. I am so squeamish, my elder brother also had laser eye surgery done at the debut of laser eye surgery. He kept telling me you have to keep your body completely still during the eye surgery otherwise you will move your eyes. My elder brother's has started to deteriorate now he is 50 + but it is due to he studied a lot and had to spend a lot of time working on the computer.

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery


Lasik Eye Surgery

Watch the Lasik Eye Surgery

Pre-op, Laser Eye Surgery and Post Lasik Surgery

Of course you have to go first for the entire test in addition to pre operation checks for the Lasik Eye Surgery. The day of laser eye surgery they start off with the drops, the anesthetic ones for a while prior to operation. I did not want the eye surgeon to tell me all the gory details but just before I went in he proceeded to tell me. Of course I ended up being not too relaxed, I lay down on the bed the sister was next to me holding my hand I think. The equipment above was a bit scary,I guess it is all the Lasik Eye Surgery, I could not relax at first, but they proceeded with the eye surgery, I kept thinking just keep still, it will all be worth it in the long run. With the second eye I kept focusing on something else and things went well. At the end of my lasik eye surgery I sat up and could see things straight away.

The sad thing was my uncle through marriage on my mothers side was staying with us on vacation and he is blind, both through accidents, and both to do with cars. It was quite a thing for him; he kept saying could you see he could not believe it. Now I seen on television that they are doing trials with some guys in England planted chips in eyes, they appear to see.

Of course the first night you need to sleep with the eye covers on to protect your eyes, I actually slept with them for a while as I am such a restless sleeper and did not trust myself not to knock something.

The 2 lots of drops have to be remembered for a while as well. I had to see the eye surgeon afterwards a couple of times. I went back on the cruises ships where I was working as a casino dealer for Royal Caribbean International. I remember going on the Splendour of the Seas and the casino had these strobe lights on the walls and in various places, when I was in the one pit it did bother me slightly or if I need to go into a dark place after being in bright lights. Slight night blindness but it did disappear after a while; I used to tell people to wave to me, as I could not see at first. Also with driving at first I could not at night, luckily I was away for 6 months at a time, so by the time it came back I could drive. I also made sure I had good sunglasses for the sun, especially in the Caribbean or the hot Florida sun.

I had gone through the drop story with my aunt in England she had cataract surgery done first on the one eye then on the other eye. Little did I know that I would go through all this with first my dad last year, then I had to take my uncle, now looks like my mom has to have cataract surgery soon in the next couple of months. It was almost like a test run with my aunt, so I was prepared for my dad and moms. I could relate to my dads and knew that he had to have the patches on and sunglasses.

1Week Post Op Eye Surgery

How to keep still during a laser eye surgery

I always remember my brother and Sandra that worked with me on cruise ships telling me how to keep still during a laser eye surgery. If you move any part of your body your eyes will automatically move, so it is of the utmost to keep still. The sister does hold on to your hand or arm as the laser eye surgery is going on. I focused on something else in my mind, I can't recall the exact thing I focused on now. I remember even once having a tattoo and I did the exact same thing for the pain, it reminded me of the laser eye surgery.

Comments on your own eye surgery or thoughts on it.

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    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Yess I have been know to faint at the drop of a hat! LOL

    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      I know the feeling I am so squeamish as well, I can't even stand site of blood or something speaking about gory things.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Wow I was drawn to this article because I also recently went for my drivers license renewal and nearly failed the test. You answered so many of my questions. However, I can not watch the surgery video. Otherwise I would have to take an intermission from reading this article to faint! LOL Thank YOU! Voted up and useful!