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My husband's Love for Board Wears

Updated on April 29, 2011

I didn't know that men cared for fashion that much until I finally know my husband. His love for t-shirts and shorts is at its ultimate level that he wouldn't wear any ordinary, unbranded clothes. He will really look for the shirts and pants that has signature brands in it. Not just ordinary brands but the BIG brand names when it comes to board wear like Volcom, Hurley, Etnies, DCShoes and Circa, name it and he knows all well-know signature brands that is around.

I haven't even known this brand names before and when he introduce them to me, I am kind of say, "Yeah, the designs are great, but look at the tag price. Don't bother." But he a persistent buyer, yes he is, and would buy the stuff even he knows that it is really expensive.


He is the one who introduce me to rummage sale "ukay-ukay" (my native dialect). At first I am a bit unconvinced because these stuff are although imported and cheap these are also second hand items. But I later enjoyed myself rummaging through clothes and even finding a top for myself. I realized this is not so bad after all, and guess what he found for himself, three t-shirts! The funny thing is American shirt sizes are too large than the Filipinos' so he has to bring it to a seamstress to repair it to fit him.

I am in every bit a practical woman and I do get turned off by him spending too much to buy this stuff. Prices of this clothes ranges from $15 to $50 a piece and how much would that be equal to Philippine peso? Approximately  645 to 2,150 pesos per piece and that is really expensive compared to ordinary or local brands which only costs 200 to 1000 per piece. A big difference!

He also wouldn't allow me to buy clothes for him anymore. I once bought him a shirt which I thought would look like the ones he is buys for himself but he wore it only once just to show me that he likes what I bought him, but I know he hates it. So from then on I don't buy him clothes when I shop. It hurts me a tiny bit but I come to understand little by little about his fetish for branded board wears.

I gather that these items are real cool looking and very durable. It was made from finest fabrics and materials that's why it comfortable to wear.

As a matter of fact, I even bought myself twoHurleytees already. I realized that it wasn't that bad after all. It's just a matter of budgeting my finances to afford our fetishes! lol.

Sample Board Wear:


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