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Mythbusting Men's Lingerie

Updated on October 16, 2009

Lingerie for men, men's lingerie, what is it, and what is it not? This article is written from the perspective of someone who has spent a great deal of time interacting with men who wear lingerie and listening to what they have to say on the topic. Many major lingerie manufacturers have started putting out lines of men's lingerie in recent years. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but they'll need to go a little further before they really start to tap into the full potential of the men's lingerie market.

For men who like to wear women's lingerie, most commercially available 'men's lingerie' often falls short of the mark in two respects 1) its just men's styles in a shinier fabric and 2) it's just men's styles in a shinier fabric. Men who wear women's lingerie do it because they like the sweet feminine styles and they like the way they feel when they know that they are wearing 'women's clothing'. Making a pair of jockeys in satin might go some way to satisfying men who wear lingerie for the pure sensation (I personally surmise that this is a rather small portion of the male lingerie wearing community), but they do not do much for men who want to break taboos, push boundaries and generally wear women's clothing.

Men's lingerie therefore tends to be the reserve of men who have no desire to wear women's lingerie but prefer a more flamboyant style of underwear, and men who do want to wear women's lingerie, but fear censure from loved ones if they show up in lace trimmed bikini panties with a mesh front panel.

Some manufacturers, such as have made a move to create women's lingerie for men. It's not truly women's lingerie because its simply designed to emulate some women's styles but in a fashion that fits the male frame. Manties are a hit with men who are on the larger side and have trouble finding pretty panties to fit, as well as men who really like to wear fantasy panties. Manties are extremely frilly and feminine underwear, ironically far more feminine than most women's lingerie.

The moral of the story? At the end of the day there isn't really men's lingerie or women's lingerie, there's just lingerie, and men who wear lingerie want to be able to wear the same styles, cuts and fashions as women do.


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    • profile image

      Sherman 8 years ago

      Hope, you have focused on the real issue: fit, fashion and feel--just like any person considers when they buy clothes. Years ago I had some boxers of nylon. But they were tokenism cheap and flimsy...nothing like mainstream brands. I have found great support and comfort in real lingerie. I won't force you to wear what I choose and vice versa. Hmmm, sensible. AND I'm glad you simply called it lingerie. We no longer refer to most jeans as "men's" jeans. How about sweatshirts, t-shirts, boxers, caps, etc. Let's move on to issues more important to the whole earth.

      Keep up the good hubs!

    • profile image

      Tok 8 years ago

      Hi the problem for me is that, despite distributors such as XDress, there still is a huge shortage of feminine clothing that is really designed for men compared to the demand.

    • profile image

      Tigger in silk 9 years ago

      I have been wearing panties since i was a kid ... my sister hated me my dad thought i was gay my mother thought i needed a therapist but in the end i'm still wearing my own panties and i will say this to any man thinking about doing it go for it it feels wonderful the freedom of doing what you want is beyond annything you can imagin.. although i have found that lace can be alittle rough under jeans it allows skin to poke through and rub on the jeans OUCH!!! i have recently discovered boy shorts WOW I love the way they still cover in the front but fit like a thong in the back .......

    • profile image

      John 9 years ago

      Right on Hope! My ex once bought me some mens Jocky shorts in nylon tricot - they - just - didn't - cut it! Actually less comfortable than their cotton counterparts. At the end of the day, so-called "Women's" fabrics are just Fabrics. It is the style, the cut, the feel, the Feminine aura, and mystique surrounding, Womens lingerie that makes me feel great in it. What I wear under my "Calvin Kleins" is no ones business but my own. When I was a kid, 50's, what a girl wore next to her skin was a "deep, dark, taboo seceret. Just catching a glimps of it on the cloths line, let alone a peek up a skirt or down a blouse, created fantasies for days. That secrecy is still a turn on. Having an approving Woman in on the secret would, to me at least, be the ultimate turn on.

    • profile image

      hicutguy 9 years ago

      Hope, you certainly know how the world turns. I have spent a lifetime searching for satisfying panties sold in the men’s department. Believe me, the manufacturers have tried and the buyers have taken some risks; but in the end the style and fabrics for the boys always revert toward the expected mean. I have concluded that if pretty and feminine are what you’re looking for, you have to go for the real thing and find “lingerie” in the store’s directory. If you can find a size that fits, then any attire can be considered “unisex”. Women already know this, men do not.

    • profile image

      threesweds 9 years ago

      Hope, for me wearing women's lingerie with the multitude of colors, prints, lace, mesh, and styles is more exhilarating, sensual, and naughty than ever wearing any lingerie designed for men. I dress like a man on the outside, but underneath it is pure softness!! What a thrill to think I might be wearing the same lingerie as my female coworkers.

    • profile image

      Mikki 9 years ago

      Hope - check out and/or who ever this manufacturer is they are going a long way towards making "feminized" underwear for men. I would love to have just about one of everything on their web site, but one-they're pricey and two-my wife would never approve. :-(

      Anyway - this represents for me a growing awareness that there is a large and largely untapped market out there for soft, pretty, lacey, sexy and just play comfy underwear for men.

    • profile image

      Wren 9 years ago

      Hope -

      Just as I have come to expect from you, another well written and dead on right article!

      Keep up the excellent work!