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Mythical Creature Costumes

Updated on December 19, 2017

Are you tired of seeing the same costumes over and over? Ghost, sexy pirate, movie character. Would you like to try something a bit different? Mythical creatures are a great basis for a costume because it is something new, and yet well known and instantly recognizable. Because there is nothing worse than having to explain your costume all night. (Am I right?).

An Old Tradition

Arguably our oldest traditions of costume go back into prehistory. People would dress as real and mythical animals to connect with the cycles of natural and mysterious powers that controlled life and death. even in these frivolous times there is a serious under-current to dressing in costume and mythical beast are a theme that connects us to our culture and out past.

Costume Pages

My own culture is largely European and Scandinavian, so I have developed more information about creature costumes from this cultural background. However I would encourage you to investigate creatures that dwell in your own cultural history, just remember that where there is a living traditional and belief in an entity it is very important to show appropriate respect.


What is better, Handmade or Bought?

Some people really enjoy expressing themselves or creating something unique. And there is no topping a masterpiece, like a centaur costume with moving legs or mermaid costume you can actually swim in. On the other hand, it is possible to overdo things for a casual party and leave your friends more bemused than impressed.

My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with purchasing a costume, you just have to be a little careful. Costumes in your local store tend to be at the lower price points and the most popular designs. Thus you can run the risk of having a cheap-looking costume, and not being the only Jack Sparrow at the party.

However online venues offer a much wide range and quality of costumes. If you look carefully at the reviews and get a costume with clear sizing and materials you can get something that looks good and stands out from the crowd. If you further personalise the costume with make-up, styling and accessories you can come up with a costume people will remember years later!

Specialist Costumes

Husky fursuit
Husky fursuit

Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar / / CC BY-ND

And Remember....

Costumes are not just for Halloween, there are lots of fun reasons to dress up, including:

  • Charity events
  • Rave parties
  • Themed parties and masquerades

So keep a few good costumes on hand and you could be the life of the party, any time of the year!

Animals in Costumes


A word about sexy costumes:

For women, costumes have been tending to get smaller and more 'sexy'. Sexy costumes can be a great idea for an evening party with a few close friends or an appropriate setting with like-minded people like a rave.

But keep in mind that costumes may not be particularly well-made and well-fitting. They might start in more of less decent shape, but end up rather more revealing than you really intended. A small costume may not be a good idea if you are going to a day time party, mixing with workmate, employers or clients, or planning to have a few drinks in the presence of people with cameras. Also costumes made of cheaper material may be more translucent as viewed by a camera with a flash than you had realized.

I would suggesting having a sexy and non-sexy option on hand, or a costume with a removeable layer revealing a more risque version. Then you will be... well, 'covered' for any eventuality (such as the unexpected arrival of your rather religious boss at the neighborhood party).


  • Eason, C. (2008). Fabulous creatures, mythical monsters, and animal power symbols: a handbook. Greenwood Publishing Group.


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