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NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer Duo

Updated on May 20, 2012

NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer Duo

NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer have become cult favorites. They are a definite buy for anyone with a passion for makeup. And what's better than getting two fantastic products? Getting them both in one sleek package! I caved in during my last trip to Sephora and got these in the duo. The NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer duo is a great way to get both products, packaged conveniently, for a great price.

It’s a little bit cheaper to opt for the Orgasm/ Laguna duo than buying the blush and bronzer separately. The blush on its own runs $28 for 0.16 oz., while the bronzer is $34 for 0.28 oz. The duo is $41 for 0.35 oz. You still get a hefty amount of product in the duo and the area of each is large enough to easily accommodate a contour or powder brush.

NARS products in general are very high quality. They apply evenly and easily. These products will also last a long time since it only takes a little product to get a lot of color pay-off. There’s a reason Nars Orgasm and Laguna have become cult favorites in the makeup world. These two particular products have gained huge popularity not only because of the reputation of the NARS brand, but because these two colors complement a wide range of skin tones. They are simultaneously warm and cool, and will give nearly anyone a sun-kissed glow.

NARS Orgasm Blush

NARS describes Orgasm blush as a "peachy-pink shimmer." Because it’s a mix or pink and peach, it complements both cool and warm skin tones. It also has a bit of shimmer that is golden. Overall you get a flushed, sun-kissed glow. This is a very pretty color and makes great summertime blush. I find on my very cool, very fair skin it can be a little too intense unless I apply it very lightly. However, I think I am probably the exception.

NARS Laguna Bronzer

NARS calls Laguna bronzer a "sheer light brown shimmer," and its an apt description. The color is very buildable and I find I can get as much or as little product as I want. The shimmer and warm color makes you feel like you've just spent a day at the beach. I think the color is a little bit more on the warm end of the spectrum, but I think it’s still very wearable for cooler skin tones if applied with care. In addition to using this as a bronzer, it can also be used as a contouring powder.

NARS Packaging

I'm a big fan of NARS packaging. Its sturdy and can take some abuse. The rubber case absorbs shock, protecting the product inside. The black rubber does collect fingerprints, which some people find bothersome, but I like that it’s no-slip and can handle all my traveling. Inside, the NARS Orgasm/ Laguna duo has a large mirror and side-by-side pans of blush and bronzer. Each pan is large enough to use a full-sized brush with ease. I like having both products in the same container since it makes it easier travel with and takes up less room in my makeup drawer.


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