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Updated on November 27, 2011



Skin care products can be expensive, if you buy the better products. I prefer the skin care products with no fragrance and all natural ingredients. I will discuss at a later time, in another article, about different skin care products and what ingredients you want to see in those products. I am a big fan of emu oil. More to come on this subject.

As I have aged, I have noticed my skin has started to look dull and kind of lifeless. I'm not even dead yet but you couldn't prove it by my complexion! So, I started doing some detective work - call me Nancy Grace - well maybe not, but I found out about a couple of skin care recipes that I want to share with you.

Skin care is so important and the younger we start taking care of our skin, the longer we can offset unsightly wrinkles. This brings me to something I learned not long ago. I was told by a friend, who buys every skin care product on the market, about this skin care recipe, using lemon juice. This skin care recipe is not just for aging skin. Anyone can benefit from using it. Great for all skin types, the stimulation is great and it gets all the dead cells off your skin so that it can breathe.

There are only two ingredients involved: lemon juice and sugar. Organic sugar is best but you can use regular granulated sugar. Also, you can buy lemon juice in the squeeze bottles. This is my preference. Here is my first skin care recipe:

Lemon Juice and Sugar: Take a clean, dry bath cloth and saturate an area about as big around as the top of a cup. Sprinkle about 2 teaspoons of sugar over this. Begin, using circular motions, gently scrubbing your face. Please avoid all skin around your eyes. Scrub even into the edges of the hairline. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Now, it is shower time. No soap is needed on your face. Just rinse well and continue with your shower. You should make this a daily skin care regimen. The first time I did this, my skin felt so alive. Honestly, it really felt different! You exfoliate your skin every day, using lemon and sugar, but if you like, alternate with this skin care recipe:

Honey-Yogurt Mask: 1 tablespoon honey, 4 tablespoons of natural or plain yogurt, 1 softgel capsule of vitamin E, 1 spoon, 1 small bowl. Pour the honey and the yogurt into a small bowl and mix lightly. Next, open the vitamin E gel capsule with a knife and squeeze the contents into the honey-yogurt mixture. Stir a little more until well blended. Place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes, wash your face and pat lightly with a towel. Take your mask out of the refrigerator and put all over your face, always avoiding the skin around your eyes. Leave this on for 20 minutes. Then wipe off with a facial wipe or towel. This also leaves your skin healthy and glowing. You can't go wrong using these two recipes on your face. Use the lemon scrub one day and the honey yogurt mask the next day. How cool - we can whip up our own skin care recipes right in the kitchen.

I WANT TO NOTE: If anyone is allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients, then by all means do not try these recipes, period!

I swear by this facial exfoliation and honey-yogurt mask. After doing this three times, my husband and granddaughter started commenting on my skin. They asked me what I was doing. That nice glow has returned. Try it - you will love it Well, back to the kitchen. I am in the process of concocting THE recipe that is going to turn back the clock ten years........Stay tuned, you will be the first to know. Wink!


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