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NO TIE LACES - Colorful Elastic Silicone Shoelaces for Sneakers

Updated on September 17, 2017
Silicone Shoelaces
Silicone Shoelaces

How come nobody had thought of these before? For like forever, we've been tying shoelaces from the time we start going to school until we reach retirement. Not only that... how many times do we have to take the shoe laces off and wash them because they got really dirty after a soccer game? How many times did we fall and trip because of loose laces? If you are a parent, you know how the kids run around with their untied shoelaces? Kids can get hurt. Why can't we just wake up, slip on our shoes, and head out to school or work? Sneakers constantly change... every year, hundreds of new sneaker designs come out but the shoelaces stayed the same.

Well, not anymore cause here it is folks! The elastic shoe laces made from high quality elastic silicone material that is 100% eco-friendly, insanely comfortable, stylish, colorful, and turns your shoes into a slip-on. You never have to tie your laces again... yes kids will love these, as well as people who have a hard time tying their shoes like the elderly or people with special needs.

These silicone shoelaces are stretchy and flexible, providing super comfortable fit for most footwear sizes. Tested to last... extensively tested 100,000 time for its elasticity and shown to last for almost a decade of use. They are designed to instantly adapt to your feet's every movement no matter how active your lifestyle is. It allows you to slip your sneakers on and off conveniently... always snug fit yet never a need to tie or fasten once in place. Slip on that won't slip off... never trip or stop to tie your sneakers again like the old days.

Elastic silicone shoe laces are waterproof, dust proof, stain resistant, machine washable, and easy to clean. They stay dry even in the rain or snow and they don't absorb dirt like the traditional string shoe laces so you can just wipe the dirt off with a wet cloth and they will look like new again.

Silicone shoelaces are stylish because it comes in so many different colors including glow in the dark and rainbow assorted colors. There are also different designs to choose from depending on your personal preference. You can unleash your creativity by using different styles through mix and match, criss cross, or however you want to customize your look and fashion. Below are only some of the color combinations and patterns that you can start with but you can always experiment with your own taste.

Elastic shoelaces come in different styles and sizes so make sure to check out the ones that fit your shoes. There are silicone shoelaces that only works for shoes with small lace holes or eyelets, while others can work for shoes with loops stitched in. If your shoes have huge lace holes or eyelets, the silicone lace may not fit.

Each pair of silicone shoelaces have different length to fit your comfort. They usually come in 8 pairs (16pcs) or 10 pairs (20pcs).

So How Do You Install These Silicone Shoelaces?

First, determine the right size of silicone shoe lace that will provide comfortable tightness to your foot, wear your shoe with the traditional shoe laces then line one end of the silicone shoe lace on one side of the lace hole. A good fit is when you just need to stretch about 1/2 inch to meet the opposite side lace hole. Start on the lowest lace holes and work your way up. You can always change the lace size depending on your comfort level. Some shoes may be easier to install than others. If the shoelace hole is a bit small, just stretch the silicone lace as you grab the end from the inside so that the width kinda shrink as it stretches making it easier to go in. Don't pinch the end of the silicone lace to avoid damaging the tips.

Once the silicone shoelaces are in, they will stay in place and you never have to tie laces again... ever! No more tucking in the shoelaces ears for cleaner sneaker look.

Give your shoes a well deserved upgrade and have a cool and clean looking shoelaces that you no longer have to tie them. These elastic silicone shoelaces not only works for Sneaker, Running Shoes, Converse, or other athletic footwear but for Sandals, Casual, and formal shoes as well.


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