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Nail Care and Nail Polish

Updated on November 2, 2012

When we take care ourselves it refers to eating healthy food and having a good grooming but sometimes we tend to do crazy stuffs to be part of the latest craze like fashion, hairstyles and even in our nails. Some people tend to express themselves through their nails like putting a nail polish and creating different designs to it (nail art). But sometimes because of this kind of art we forgot to take care of our nails, we just put something to it like the nail polish and glitters and other designs that causes a discoloration, chipping or splitting of our nails. Yes we know how to take care of our nails but do we really put it in our hearts and do the right methods in such care.

Here are some tips in caring of your nails:

1. eat healthy foods: our nails are made up of calcium and minerals so we should eat foods that are rich in calcium and minerals to prevent cracks or chipping of the nails.The best calcium source is milk so if you are not a milk lover you better start changing your habits.

2. hygiene: You are not just washing your palms but you should also involve your nails.When washing rub or scratch nails into your palms to remove dirt. When doing the chores use gloves to prevent the entrance of bacteria.You can also do your manicure at home which help in getting rid of dead skin accumulation to keep the nails clean. Regular filing and trimming helps prevent the accumulation of dust and other products.Avoid filing nails after shower because it can cause breakage to the nails.

3.Hydration and Massage: our nails are made up of dead cells called keratin so in order to prevent breakage we should use moisturizers to make our nails flexible and no breakage and prevent splitting of the nails.Olive oil is a great moisturizer for brittle nails and soft nails. Here are some ways how to apply olive oil:

1. Warm olive oil in a microwave or in a stove and let it cool then apply for 15-30 minutes.

2. Apply olive oil to the nail using clean cotton or towel to make our nails shiny and protection from chemicals when applying a nail polish.

3. Soak nails at night with lemon juice and olive oil for 10 minutes and cover with cotton gloves or clean cloth and leave it overnight.

Massage: When putting nail polish massage into the cuticles to help promote nail growth. Massage nails and cuticle in a small, circular motion.

4. Trim Nails: Cutting nails regularly will help prevent bacteria from entering and our hands will look attractive. Here are some steps when cutting our nails:

1. Wash: Wash hands and underneath your nails before starting to cut.

2. Cut: Choose your desired length, Cut straight across the nail, making sure your clippers do not cut through any skin and make sure they are all even by using an extra snips.

5. Do not bite nails: I know that we are nervous we tend to bite our nails to alleviate our feelings towards a certain situation but this is a bad habit since when you already applied your nail polish you can bite the chemicals you used into your nails and even if you don't have your nail polish you can get bacteria that causes stomach pains and diarrhea. So in order for you to be healthy inside and out you should avoid biting your nails.

I hope that you will all read my blog and follow the steps for you to have an attractive and beautiful skin and nails and stay healthy all the time our dear readers :)


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