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Nail Designs: Simple And Wild

Updated on August 1, 2012

Funnily, two distinct dead cells frame the beauty of a living belle – her hair and nails. Thus, there is often a gold rush to covet some phenomenal nail designs; from simple to sexy; from wild to wispy. Here is a look-into the vast reservoir of ways you can treat your nails with.

Some Simple Nail Designs

You start off with simple nail designs as you go through adolescence. Nude colors, mint green or pale pink are evergreen ideas for your well-manicured nails. You can either color them whole in a vibrant tone, or go for plain designs, say, red heart or twinkling stars. You can also bring fruits like strawberry or oranges into the sequence. Another innovation is to paint rainbows on different nails. These nail designs are simple but effective in gracing you that charm.

Some Pretty Nail Designs

Your nails often yearn for something extra coming their way, just to look different from the boys. Nail designs are also an excellent way to hide any supposed deformity of your nails. Certain pretty nail designs would include creating patterns on them; such as pine leaves or animal claws. Starry elements, polka dots or leather stripes are other remarkable conceptions. You can also make some inventions like leaving the nails barren and just adding tones to your nail tips. You can also be garish and more methodical with nail designs. Creating elaborate paintings like fishes floating in azure water is quite inviting. If you are short of ideas, just color your nails in tone with your earrings and get yourself a decent outlook.

Some Outrageous Nail Designs

Of course, after a time, you start experimenting with nail designs. There is a yearning to promote Dracula patterns on your nails, where blood would appear dripping from your fingers. You can go for alternative nails colored in deep black and somber white; this is a mesmeric concept. Adding pointed extensions to your nails to be a sure-fire center of extension would be a quality tribute to Edward Scissorhands. You can also opt for a comprehensive story line continued from the little finger on your left hand and culminating on your right thumb. Some people grow their nails to an abnormal level, so as to incorporate typically wild ideas.

The Most Astonishing Nail Design

There are some mercurial nail designs done with sturdy nails, where the beholder is willing to take the chance. One such design, which is sensational and is bound to raise eyebrows, is where the base is dried and then steeped in natural glue. Then the different nails are made to hold small green stems with an engorged and vibrant flower at the free end. You will appear holding a little nursery on your nails. Such pretty nail designs of course demand an equally bohemian dress-sense, accessories and a fetching hairstyle. You should however remember to put in natural and easily washable colors on nails, because you are liable to occasionally suck a thumb. Take good care of nails and try different nail designs!


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