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Nail Designs for the Bride

Updated on April 18, 2014

You want everything on your big day to be perfect making for you. From hair do to make up to dress till the glorious smile on your face when you say I do everything have to be sparkly and stunning including your nails. Perfect nails on the perfect day are necessary because all your loved ones will take a good look at them while appreciating your wedding ring. Bride’s hands will be photographed while holding the flower bouquet and Champaign glass so they should look their best.

The latest trends and possibilities of nail design has made it very popular for expressing creativity and creating your individual style.

Precautions for wedding Manicure

Top of the list is to take a companion with you when you go for professional wedding manicure because the minimum time required for nails to dry completely is half an hour. The other person can assist you in holding your bag, paying from your wallet, opening the door and driving you out.

The best time to get manicure is the day before the wedding so the color won’t fade and your nails will have neatness with natural looking shine. The wedding nail design should go along with the theme of wedding, dress and the makeup of the bride.

Nail the Designs

Pale pink nail polish shades and French Manicure have remained the most famous choices of brides. The nail accessories and glittery polishes have converted nail into a canvas where a masterpiece by an artist can be fashioned.

Inspired by Engagement Ring:

Top of the list is stylish yet elegant design inspired by engagement ring. The general idea is to have a single diamante or glittered center on to edge of the nail to make it look like an engagement ring. Some prefer the glittered center only on the ring finger while others like it on all the nails.

On tip of the nail apply gel and add silver glitter while on rest of the nail add pink glitter in reasonable amount. Use White acrylic to make two flowers on one side of the nail. The design of flower depends on your expertise you can keep it simple or exaggerate it. You can even add additional leaves to enhance a perfect princess nail design. Lastly add clear and pink rhinestones to create the royal effect and apply UV top coat. If bride wants her nails to stand out she can make the flowers with colored acrylic.

Bridal dress is Inspiration

Many brides want nail designs that not only compliment their dress but also depict the dress deign. The idea leads to nail designs showcasing the chief motif of the dress or the laced pattern. These designs need some homework and a lot of creativity. Manicurist may require some left over fabrics sequences and lace from the wedding gown. She can trim and add lace to the tip of nail or she can create the dress motif in center with acrylic and rhinestones. With a little extra effort she can create miniature bows inspired by dress and add to the tip of the nails. Even the fabric design can be draw on the nail using fine silver gold or colored stripper.

Bridal Nails According to Theme

The most popular wedding themes are beach, country, and fantasy, spring and urban. Stylists have worked to design nails complimenting the wedding theme. The beached themed wedding can have nails with glittery starfish made by either rhinestones or acrylic on a colored base coat. While country weddings also use horseshoe design to nail the effect. Fairy tale fantasy and spring themes have unlimited design varieties. They can include colored flowers, ring fingernail covered with tiny clear stones to create a white caviar effect, stones in different colors and shapes, bows, pearls arranged as a necklace or crown, butterflies and much more.

Design on all the fingers does not have to be same. In fact it is trendy way to make design chic if the basic idea is same and pattern is different on each nail. Some brides also prefer unique design on ring finger while other nails carry same look. Crescent moon on the lower side of the nail and diagonal design also create attractive look. Blending of two contrast colors as base or using plain or glittered nail polish of same color can also help bride create her exclusive wedding look.

Which Nail Jewelry would you prefer on you Big Day?

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