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Nail Nourishing Techniques

Updated on March 11, 2012

NAILS - : We have to give proper care to our nails to keep them healthy and beautiful . Normally healthy nails are very smooth in appearance without any color or marks. Nails grow older are pushed to front and torn off automatically. With proper care we can make sure a healthy and attractive nail.

How to get shiny and healthy nails - : As we know it is made of keratin protein. So it is necessary to add protein content in our diet. Sea food , cereals , soya beans, egg and meat are the source of protein. By consuming those items in our diet can increase the amount of protein in our body and enhance the proper healthy growth of the nail. Food items with Vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium also should include in our diet. Diary products, milk, egg etc. are very rich with these items. Try to eat raw fruits and vegetables .

Tips for beautiful nail

1) By dipping your nails in luke warm milk for 15 minute can strengthen the nail.

2) Dip your nails in luke warm water for 2 to 3 minute and clean by using smooth nail brush.

3) Apply lemon juice on it to make smooth.

4) Nail massage can be done by using castor oil or olive oil

5) Splitting of the nail can avoid by preventing dehydration of the body through drinking plenty of water.

6) Make the edge of the nail smooth by proper trimming. It can make in a round or square shape.

7) Always keep the nails inner side as clean as you can.

Proper nail care is essential for the proper health.


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