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Top 10 Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2018

Updated on February 6, 2018

Every year lots of different colors and trends of nail polish come in the market and we girls just run to grab them all. Even every season has its own range of colors and we have to follow them to stay updated with fashion. You can integrate these nail colors with easy nail art products and make cool nail art designs by yourself. Here is the list of top 10 nail polish colors for summer 2018:

1. Neon Colors

Neon Nail polish
Neon Nail polish | Source

This year funky neon colors are in, whether we talk about dresses, shoes, peep toes, or nail polish colors. They are high in trend and you can try a mixture of both glitter or funky neon manicure. You can select a neon shade from china glaze or colorbar neon range. They look awesome and affordable.

2. Golden And Metallic

Gold & Metallic
Gold & Metallic | Source

From the very beginning of this year, gold shade is very popular. Not only the light golden, but even the yellow golden. Previously, there were only golden glitter nail polishes, but now there are companies like “Tip n Toes” who launched Golden nail polish with real flakes. So come on girls, grab the one you will love to wear. You can even try silver or other metallic shades.

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3. Emerald Green

Emerald Green Nail Polish
Emerald Green Nail Polish | Source

This Emerald Green color is announced as the color of year 2018. This year nail polish brands are going to introduce several hues in Emerald Green color. Even many of them have started stoking to grab the market. It is also in the news that some reputed companies are planning to launch emerald green lipsticks. As we know this color always look omnipresent, whether we talk about nail polish or eye makeup.

4. Electrifying Purple

Electrifying Purple
Electrifying Purple | Source

Here is one more bright nail polish shade that is going to hustle this year. Recently, NARS unveiled this electrifying purple color that will actually look beautiful on your hands. This is a limited edition inspired by Andy Warhool. It is available only at Selfridges. You can combine it with matte or high-shine top coat.

5. Lime Yellow

Lime Yellow
Lime Yellow | Source

Apart from several bright colors, why not pop-up your neutral color with this trendy lime yellow shade. Nails inc. Monument Concrete introduced this rugged and bold finish color to match up your spring and winter outfit collection.

6. Red Hot Rio by OPI

Red Hot Rio
Red Hot Rio | Source

Why not to add some hot red color in your bag this year. Red Hot Rio nail polish color by OPI is perfectly suitable for those girls and women who prefer darker, deeper and bold shades. I think it will scream your sophistication.

7. True Black

Xtreme Wear Black Out
Xtreme Wear Black Out | Source

This Sally Hansen True black nail polish is very long lasting and completes your beauty collection this year.

8. Berries in Cranberries

Berries in Cranberries
Berries in Cranberries | Source

OPI classic shades are known for being long lasting. They don’t leave your nails dull after usage. This Ate berries in Cranberries shade is going to be a trend setter this year. It gives a jelly look to your nails and teenager just love this.

9. Turquoise blend

Turquoise Blend
Turquoise Blend | Source

Any collection is incomplete without this turquoise blend nail polish color. Personally, I just love this color and it is always available in my collection. This refreshing shade of Butter London Slapper is perfect for fashion 2018. After all, who doesn’t like to refresh herself with this cool nail polish color.

10. Orange


Recently, Essie delivered an outstanding range of vibrant nail polish colors. It’s obvious to say that Essie Orange is an outspoken color that gives wonderful feeling to the wearer.

Thank You..

Thanks for reading my article. I have shared my list of top 10 nail polish colors for summer 2018. if you liked it, then do share, comment and like it. I am open to suggest. Do comment, if you feel that I missed any color. You can also check amazing nail art ideas on Bombastic Nail Art.


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    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 4 years ago from India

      great hub, voted up, i like the neon color and the orange one

    • cheapmakeupsnob profile image

      cheapmakeupsnob 4 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

      I love a creamy yellow for summer!

    • profile image

      cbar77 4 years ago

      Great hub--I especially like metallic and neon colors for the summer!