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How to become a Professional Nail Technician

Updated on June 29, 2013

Who is a nail technician?

Nail technicians help their clients to maintain healthy and beautiful nails. They advise clients about nail care to improve their appearance and produce beautiful nail art to decorate nails. They also recommend nail care products.

The cosmetology industry is no longer dominated by barbers and hairstylists. It is focusing on providing clients with specialized services like nail care, manicure, pedicure, makeup and more. In fact, one of the biggest areas of growth is in the area of nail care which has created a heavy demand for nail technicians.

If you are passionate about nail care and nail art, then you may be interested in a career as a nail technician.

How to become a Nail Technician?

The job of a nail technician can be both fun and rewarding. Acquiring cosmetology educationshould be your first priority.

  1. To get started, you should apply for a nail technician program at a reputed beauty school. This will help you to learn the basics and new techniques which will increase your knowledge.
  2. After completing a nail technician program which typically runs from 3-6 months, you should work as an apprentice at one of the top salons in your area. The on-job training will help you to gain valuable experience and an opportunity to hone your skills in nail care and nail art.
  3. Once you are confident of handling clients on your own, you should apply for your license. After passing your state board examinations, you’ll become a certified nail technician, thereby opening many opportunities for you.

Opportunities for Nail Technicians

There is a heavy demand for properly trained and licensed nail technicians. The opportunities for them include:

  1. Working in exclusive nail salons or beauty salons
  2. Working with celebrities/models for photo shoots and fashion shows
  3. Start their own nail salon which will provide exclusive nail care and nail art services

Remember that nail technicians use their creativity and skill to improve the condition and appearance of their clients nails. Apart from formal training, you also need to have passion to succeed and desire for continuing cosmetology education to become the best nail technician.


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