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Nair hair removal lotion with baby oil and Nair sensitive bikini cream reviews

Updated on September 30, 2010

After using Sally Hansen, I decided to try Nair. I thought I wouldn't have to deal with the foam, which could be messy. I decided to buy Nair hair remover lotion with baby oil. To tell you the truth I like the Sally Hansen hair remover foam better.

I didn't think it was a big deal dealing with a lotion. The instructions said wash hands immediately after applying. I should have realized that I couldn't have the lotion on my hands that long. After I got done with one leg, yes I started to feel my hands get just a little funny. I went ahead and applied the lotion to the other leg anyhow. Needless to say, I wish I had a towel right beside me. I did this before taking a shower. I was at the sink as quickly as possible washing off the lotion.

I turned on the timer for 3 minutes, and got a damp washcloth. I tested a small area, and the hair was not gone. I ended up having to wait the full 10 minutes. I ended up having to retrieve a small towel to get it all off. I removed the lotion. I did shower after wards as suggested by the instructions. I made sure I had it all off. To me it ended up being messier than the foam from Sally Hansen.

After the foam was removed, my legs did not feel as silky smooth as Sally Hansen made them feel. My husband never really commented on them. It was more like I just shaved with an electric shaver. Maybe a little smoother, but there still seemed to be bumps. It seemed like the next day I was seeing stubble. Not good, since you have to wait a full day before applying it again. At this point in time, I was thinking why not just use the electric shaver?

I'll be going back to Sally Hansen, unless I decide to try something different.

At the same time I bought the Nair for my legs, I decided to buy the Nair bikini cream. Well I decided not to try it on my bikini area after I used the regular formula for my legs. I wasn't quite that daring. Instead I tried it on another sensitive area that is more used to shaving. Yes, my underarms. That is a problem area for me.

I'm so sensitive there, I thought this might work. It worked at the maximum time just like the regular formula did. It didn't irritate my hands, but then again it was a lot quicker to apply. I was right by the sink to wash my hands. Needless to say the cream worked about just as well as the regular formula did on my legs.

The problem started for me the next day. I started to see large bumps. I knew I wiped it off well, but I guess I was having some allergic reaction. That reaction turned into a major breakout of pimples. UGH, this is the last thing I need. I guess it was better on the underarms rather than the face. No shirts that reveal the underarms. It was so bad that I was embarrassed for my husband to see them. I did a lot of covering up for awhile, and kept the area really clean. It took a good three weeks for it to clear up.

Needless to say, I'm not letting this product anywhere near my bikini area, or even using it again. I think I may try to find something else that will hopefully work better. 


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    • Bible Studies profile image

      Bible Studies 6 years ago from PA

      Thanks for the comment. What I expect is that it would work better like Sally Henson's does.

      When my daughter tried this Nair product, she said it stung her legs and really hurt.

      The product is definitely working differently on different skin types. The problem is how does one really know they have a skin type that will work with this product?

      Maybe I'm being too harsh. I think a product like this should have been kept in the testing stages until they improved the formula, and knew it would not only work but also work with all skin types.

    • profile image

      What? 6 years ago

      It's has different results on different types of skin. ( the nair lotion with baby oil ) maybe you didn't put enough on , && its suppose to tingle its going into your pores and removing hair , i mean what else do you expect ? & it actually makes my hands softer , that's just me ..