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Nanoencapsulation - Serious Skin Care With Nanocaps

Updated on March 27, 2012

Nanotechnology Is Modern Beauty


Retinol Nanoparticle Serums And Creams

Nanotechnology continues to reshape the molecular interactions of the world around us, and nanoparticles have stretched into obscure areas of knowledge like the tentacles of a giant squid thrashing a whale that represents the traditional ways of doing things. From pharmaceutical filler to mind-altering smart drug nootropics, nanoparticles continue to play a decisive role in enhancing human health and feeding societies desire to look its best through personal beauty enhancements. It is no longer simply enough to package the right ingredients into a skin care cream and toss it onto market. The revolution taking place now is how these ingredients are packaged and synthesized in order to provide the most effective beauty product formulas. That is where nanoencapsulation comes into play as the next iteration Serious Skin Care Vitamin A products takes retinol and retinyl palmitate and encapsulates them into nanocaps that allow for exciting new properties to emerge. Research studies have shown that the nanoencapsulation of retinol in chitosan naonoparticles can multiply the solubility rate by an amazing 1600-fold. That gives your skin a greater dose of the vital animal form of vitamin A that is crucial to skin health, healthy teeth, vision and good bone structure. The second important component that nanoencapsulation allows for is a built-in time release mechanism that can make that morning application last most of the day and lessen the need for reapplications. The Serious Skin Care line has been featured on HSN and has taken off like wildflower since its initial introduction. It is 2012, so there is no longer any need to make batches of your grandmas antique homemade retinol recipe from egg yolk, yogurt, and milk or even fish liver. That messy and limited concoction is a thing of the past now that nanoencapsulation has taken to the forefront.

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone is one of the minds behind the Serious Skin Care brand product line that brings cutting-edge beauty to consumers at affordable prices. Take, for example, the A-force XR Nanoencapsulated Retinol Serum. It is a breakthrough anti-aging treatment that can be applied in the morning or at night to a clean, dry face. After the application, the nanotechnology science takes over from there. Massaging and seeping into pores of the skin, the retinol nanoparticles go to work reducing the effects of years of sun damage, firming wrinkle spots, reversing free radical damage, and smoothing the complexion. Combining with the effects of the hydrogenated castor oil, green tea extract and cola acuminata seed extract the lotion hydrates and restores the glow of youth that sunlight has tried to dampen. The A-force XR retinol serum concentrate is also offered in an alternative cream version. Serious Skin Care also has an excellent skin wash and cleanser to top off the trio of anti-aging weapons. The Serious Skin Care products are quite the popular choice from actresses in Hollywood to the average housewife, and while my interest is merely scientific regarding the incredible method of action of these nanoencapsulated products, I have heard testimony from many family members and friends regarding the almost unbelievable results achieved from this ultra skin care secret. For daily use, the retinol creams come equipped with SPF 30 protection to assist in preventing future sun damage in the first place. Present your best exterior to the world by making proper skin care a part of your daily routine and the beauty on the exterior will shine through to the inside. The confidence to be had from beautiful skin can impact all areas of human interaction and a refreshing face and smile can open doors that might otherwise be closed. Nanoparticles and nanoencapsulation are revolutionizing cosmetics and beauty.


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