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Nape Piercing

Updated on January 18, 2012

What is a Nape Piercing?

The back of the neck is well known to be a sensuous part of the body and it is perhaps for this reason that many people are getting a nape piercing in order to accentuate this.

Sometimes referred to as a microdermal nape piercing, it involves the piercing of the skin in two spots followed by the insertion of a piece of jewelry, usually for a nape piercing, it will be of the barbell variety. As the skin heals over a period of time, it will then anchor the jewelry into place.

Nape Piercing Price

As with all piercings, you are likely to find a wide range of prices advertised. Whilst you should not necessarily presume that an expensive one will be the best quality; it is probably safe to assume that very cheap ones are to be avoided. These are likely to be inexperienced and unqualified piercers. Piercing studios located in high end fashion boutiques are also likely to be charging over the odds due to their large overheads. Perhaps the best way to select the right piercer is to get a recommendation from a few friends who have had a nape piercing and found the experience successful. Whatever method you choose to select your piercer; as a rough guide, you should probably expect to pay something in the region of $100; sometimes a little less and sometimes, a little more

Nape Piercing Pain

All piercings will hurt to some degree as damage is being done to the skin. However, although the back of the neck is considered to be a sensual place, many people consider this to be one of the least painful piercings, likening it to a firm pinch of the skin. Naturally, there will be a little soreness for a while afterwards, and possibly some minor swelling; however, this should subside fairly soon afterwards. You may also want to consider wearing clothes that will not cause severe irritation to your new piercing. It should also go without saying that, under no circumstances, should you try to do a nape piercing at home. This is a highly skilled procedure and requires professional training.

Nape Piercing Aftercare

Once your piercing has been done, you will need to take good care of your nape piercing, especially in the immediate period afterwards. It should be gently bathed in a luke warm saline solution using cotton wool. This should be done 2 to 3 times a day to keep the area clean and free from infection. An experienced piercer should be able to provide full advice about the best way to do this. Naturally, you should avoid touching your nape piercing with your hands, but if you do, it is essential to make sure that they are clean as this is one of the major causes of infection. If you have long hair, you will need to tie this in a manner that avoids it coming into contact with your piercing. If the hair gets caught in your piercing, it can cause problems that may lead to the loss of the piercing itself. The healing process itself, should last in the region of two months or so.

A standard nape piercing using a barbell for jewelry
A standard nape piercing using a barbell for jewelry

Nape Piercing Jewelry

Because of the nature and location of a nape piercing, the selection of jewelry suitable for this purpose is limited largely to barbells. These are often made from titanium as this is the material least likely to be rejected by the body.

Nape Piercing Removal

Because of the location of a nape piercing, it is extremely difficult to remove yourself, although it would be possible for a friend to do it for you. It is, however, strongly recommended that it is done professionally as this will help to avoid problems and possible infections that may arise from unhygienic hands.

Hopefully, the above will help you to decide if a nape piercing is right for you, and remember that it is well worth the few dollars extra to ensure that you have a safe and hygienic piercing and avoid the most common problems of infection and rejection. This will enable you to enjoy your nape piercing for many years to come.


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    • profile image

      Nick 5 years ago

      I had a microdermal in my nape, and I have to say although the pain when getting it done wasnt very manageable, mainly due to the length of the process, once it was done there was no pain or throbbing like most piercings, looks amazing, and I often forget its there, plus I have never caught it so no worries there either