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Naruto cosplay Zabuza

Updated on January 12, 2010

Zabuza is a character from Naruto series.He appeared as missing ninja from the hidden village of Mist and tried to assassinate Tazuna, a bridge builder, who was protected by Kakashi's squad.

Zabuza was also called Demon Zabuza.In the past, hidden village of Mist was known as the village of Bloody Mist. Reason for this was final exam of the place.Students were forced to fight to death in order to pass. After a certain incident village had to go through reformation.In previous year a monster appeared in exam. He killed more than 100 of the candidates wihout any sign of hesitation. Since there was Zabuza known as Demon of the hidden Mist.

As prodigy of killing he turned into top assassin.He became both an ANBU and a member of the Seven Swordsmen.At some point he found Haku, a saw potention in him. He began training him to be the his ultimate weapon. But his ambitions were too high.He attempted to assasinate leader of village and take over it. This plan failed and he left with few followers. To gather money he became mercenary killer

His signature weapon was the assault knife, an oversized broad sword as tall as he was. Carrying this heavy sword indicate great physical strength on Zabuza's side. Besides handling it very skillfully, he could also throw it spinning to enemy.

Zabuza was showed to prefer water manipulation techniques. He was especially experienced at the Mist technique. By forming dense mist he was able to use silent homicide technique. His skill at sillent killing was considered unrivalled, and he had mastered it to such degree that he could strike his opponent without the need of sight, simply by focusing on any slight sounds made by the opponent.

Zabuza had very cruel personality,as was shown when Haku sacrificed his life to save Zabuza. Zabuza didn't show any sign of regret or hesitation and tried to slice Kakashi through Haku's body. However he was able to redeem in the end. Brought to tears by Naruto's words, he revealed that he really did care about Haku. Zabuza asked Kakashi if he couldĀ  brought him to Haku. Before he died, Zabuza wished that he could go to the same place as Haku.

Zabuza cosplay

Zabuza is a tall, fit ninja, with a little grey tone of skin. He always been seen concealing the lower half of his face in bandages. He has black short blowzy hair and wears slantwise forehead protector of hidden Mist village with long blue bandana. Despite being missing-nin, Zabuza never removed or cut through his forehead protector. This is because, he still cared for his village and he planned to return there somday. First time he appeared, he wore bright blue streaky pants, with camouflaged forearm and shin protectors and leather toolholder for his huge sword. Next he switched in black pants and black shirt without sleeves. Forearm and shin protectors was bright blue streaky, just like his pants was.

In flashbacks, he appeared in hidden MIst military outfit, which is similar to Konoha's.

There isn't that much of good Zabuza's cosplay. It is hard to costume him since he has this unique vicious appearance. Also sword is problem because you just cant buy any good one. If you want good looking sword you will have to make it somehow. Here is guide how to make a one : link. It is not exactly what i meant by "good looking sword", but better than nothing. Below are some decent Zabuza's cosplay together with Haku-Zabuza pictures.


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    • profile image

      Kevinoo 6 years ago

      Hey, nice hub you've made! Zabuza is my favorite Naruto. I did zabuza cosplay once! You can see the photos here:

      Keep up your good work! :)