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Natural Antibacterial Soaps to Help Cure Acne

Updated on April 8, 2013

Of late antibacterial soap has caused a little uproar as to whether or not it's safe to use or effective as a cleanser. As of a late 2009, it was declared as being no better for hand cleaning than average soap and water.

However - this was in relation to hand washing only, not specifically related to the hands and the face and/or body. To that end the antibacterial soaps featured here are all natural soaps that I use in the salon or recommend to clients - much like goats milk soap, they're good for you and the environment.

Of the five best antibacterial soap products featured below - they're all best sellers, mild and gentle on the skin and are great for those that suffer from oil or acne prone skin. Take the worry out of skin cleansing and hand washing - by using natural products as much as possible.

Dudu-Osun 100% Pure African Black Soap

This is the best natural antibacterial soap - and one of the most popular selling black soap products on the market. It's 100% bio-degradable, wonderful for the environment, wonderful for you and your hands.

All the ingredients are completely natural, free of harsh chemicals and - over time and with use - will leave your skin refreshed, repaired, soft and supple. It's a great choice for those that have oily or acne prone skin and it's a highly recommended product for the whole family as it's natural, mild and hydrating. Best price for a soap that's antibacterial - full, rich lather, gorgeous subtle scent ... it's delicious.

Cleanwell All Natural Anti Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap, Spearmint Lime

This is the best liquid antibacterial soap - it's a refreshing, naturally scented soap that smells great and is 100% free of anything harsh, drying and chemically processed. The lather it produces is creamy and rich, it's a favorite in the salon and loved by many a professional.

From a US perspective it's almost an FDA antibacterial soap, as it meets with governing guidelines with regard to it's ingredients and ability to kill up to 99% of known bacteria/germs. It is highly effective - which is amazing based upon the fact that it contains none of the usual chemicals that are used in similar non-natural soap products. The price includes a four back of 9.5 oz bottles - so it's fair value overall, plus it's just as good for the kids!

Tea Tree Body Bar Soap Paul Mitchell

THis is the best tea tree antibacterial soap - and comes form the Paul Mitchell brand. If you've never used a tea tree product before you're in for a surprise as it usually leaves your skin tingling! It's one of nature best natural anti-septics and it's an extremely refreshing product,

The soap bar also contains peppermint and lavender extracts and all together this is a soap that will leave you feeling cleansed, revitalized and peppy. There's an mild exfoliating ingredient added - small parsley flakes, which help with the whole 'scrubbed fresh' feeling you get after using it. A big favorite, a fresh scent and a great price tag.

EO Hand Soap, Refill Size, French Lavender

This is a lovely antibacterial soap - this one a liquid that's full of wonderfully good herbs, essential oils and vitamins. It contains natural antiseptics and whilst it won't prepare the hands for a day in surgery - most of us don't need it for that.

What it will do is leave you hands and face thoroughly cleansed, soft and supple - and it smells good too. It's a great choice for the whole family due it's mild properties and it won't irritate sensitive skin types. As it's a double pack of 2 x 32 ounce bottles it lasts a long time - which makes it a great value for money product.

Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Bar Soap

This is the cheapest antibacterial soap - and a big, big favorite with many Americans. It's known for being extremely mild and yet it provides all that you need from this type of soap. It's cleansing, mild and natural and will leave your hands, face and body feeling deep down clean.

Like all the other products featured, it's 100$ hypoallergenic so it's good for anyone that suffers from allergies, eczema, acne and any number of other skin problems. It doesn't sting, it simply cleans gently, with a lovely soft lather that smells nothing other than 'clean'. Cheap, effective - and simply one of the best.


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