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Natural Facelift Massage - Erase Years Off Your Looks

Updated on March 20, 2013

Massage The Years Away

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had the perfect skin portrayed by Hollywood stars and magazine models?

These fortunate people often have the financial advantage for ultimate skincare and plastic surgeries that most average person cannot afford.

"There is a remedy without the knife or $300 creams."

For thousands of years, women from the Far East have enjoyed healthy radiant skin without using any expensive products, they simply use their fingertips!

Make Your Skin Glow

  • Your skin will be radiant with this ancient Chinese Massage technique.Place the knuckle of your right thumb between your eyebrows and rub up and down for 30 seconds. Continue across the forehead, under your right eye, along your nose, across your cheek and down your jaw. Repeat this on the left side.
  • How often? At least once a week.
  • Why does it work? It increases circulation to the skin and breaks down fibers that cause wrinkles.

How To Minimize Lines

  • Try this acupressure exercise, it's designed to signal your body's natural age-fighting abilities: Place your index finger in the creases of your cheekbones, about 1/2" from your nostrils. "Push toward the outside corners of your eyes." " Hold one minute!" This technique is highly recommended by acupressurist Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
  • How often? Once or twice a day.
  • Why does it work? It relaxes facial muscles, which helps reduce wrinkles and it releases trapped toxins so it's very beneficial.

How To Firm Your Entire Face

  • Try an acupressure facelift technique: Place your fingertips above your eyebrows and firmly massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Repeat all along the face.
  • How often? Weekly.
  • Why does it work? It helps muscles to contract, giving you the firmer tighter skin you need to keep looking young.

Banish Away Crowsfeet

  • Eye lifts are really easy! Just use the tips of your thumbs to strongly press and release all along the eye socket. " Hold each press for a few seconds to complete the exercise."
  • How often? Every day!
  • Why does it work? It counteracts the negative effects of squinting by relaxing the muscles around the eyes.

Got Tension?

  • Release your daily tension with a forehead massage. Press on your forehead with your knuckles. Hold for three seconds, then release. Use the pads of your thumbs to smooth your forehead. This will stimulate your blood circulation.
  • How often? Once a day.
  • Why does it work? Deep tissue massage helps relax tired muscles and smooth away lines.

Tips From A Top Plastic Surgeon

Francis Rogers Palmer, M.D., says these exercises will erase years and will tone facial muscles to stop dreadful sagging. " Hold each for one minute; repeat.

  • The eye opener: Raise eyebrows and open eyes.
  • The squint.: Scrunch eyes, as though in bright light.
  • The Grimace: Open mouth, pull lips back until neck tendons stick out. Don't clench teeth.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      another great hub, boy do I need this. I have never even had a massage in my whole life.

      Thank you



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