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Natural Hair Relaxers

Updated on September 23, 2014

How to Compare Natural Hair Relaxers

Hair relaxers are used to straighten the hair. Most relaxers are used by Black women. For several years, hair relaxers have only used harsh chemicals, many causing breakage or thinning to the hair after extended use or misuse.

I stopped using chemical based hair relaxers in 2006. As of 2010, there are only a handful of natural hair relaxers on the market that I've came across on. And there are differences amongst them. I thought it helpful to provide this article to women who'd like to stray away from chemical hair relaxers as I did, and it was the best decision I could have ever made for the health of my hair.

Types of Natural Hair Relaxers
Xenna Curlaway is a natural hair relaxer that claims to straighten the hair over gradual usage. It does not contain the ingredient alkaline. You do have to leave this product on your hair for several hours. Baka Beauty Natural-Laxer main ingredient is Sahara clay. It has been on the market in the United States since 1990. It gradually loosens the wave or curl pattern in your hair with continued use. Janelle Beauty Diva Smooth uses ingredients like Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and organic grape seed oil. It has to be used in conjunction with a flat iron. Hair BodipHier System claims to get the hair 85% - 90% straight after the first use without the use of harsh chemicals.

Results from Usage of Natural Hair Relaxers
Results from Usage of Natural Hair Relaxers

Personal Review
I’ve personally tried both the Xenna Curlaway and the Janelle Beauty Diva Smooth relaxer. I’d say that the Xenna Curlaway works over time. For the record, I have very thick hair. The first time I used it, I only noticed a slight difference in my hair being straighter. Also, I did not have any bad side effects, which I was very concerned about. If you can get past the strong vinegar-apple like smell, and the fact that you have to leave it on for at least four hours, then this product could work for you. You can even leave this product in on your hair overnight, which the back of the box recommends for straighter hair. The first time I only left it on for 4 hours. The second time I used this product, I left it on overnight (About 8 hours) You would just need to sleep with a plastic cap on your hair. The next day when you get up, wash and condition your hair like normal, then blow dry it, and do your normal hair routine.

I tried Xenna Curlaway again about two weeks later and I noticed a bigger difference in my hair texture being straighter. I was very happy about this. I will continue to use this product, even though I hate the smell, but after you shampoo it out, the smell goes away from your hair, which is a very good thing. I've even used this product on my four year old daughters hair. I noticed a difference right away on her hair, but her hair is naturally straighter than mine and not as thick. Most Walgreens sell this product in a box. If you do leave this product in your hair overnight, I'd recommend pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail, this tip helps with even straighter hair I noticed.

As far as the Janelle Beauty Diva, I noticed a difference the first time, as far as my hair being smoother and shinier, but the main ingredient is organic honey, and honestly I feel like this is more of a homemade product, and you could probably get all the ingredients from a health food store and make it yourself. Another thing is that you have to blow dry your hair and then straighten your hair with a flat iron before you see results. That's how the product works. That is fine, because that's how I normally take care of my hair. It's just that I consider this more of a deep conditioning type of product versus a relaxer. However, I would still recommend it, because after I straight ironed my hair, I did notice a difference. All the ingredients in this product are natural and can’t do anything but good for your hair. That is what I liked the most about this product. I will continue to use this product in conjunction with the Xenna Curlaway.

I have never used Baka Beauty Natural Laxer, however you could most likely find reviews from their website or from other sites. I suggest Googling Baka Beauty Natural Laxer. The website to this product is down below. I may try this product, and if I do, I'll update this article with my review.

I have also never used Hair BodipHier System. I just found out about this product, but honestly I really may give this product a try due to the description. Here is a brief description of this product:

Hair BodipHier System claims to relax hair without harsh chemicals and will add body. On the website it indicates that it contains purified alakaline water, 100% natural soda ash and minerals, 100% natural shea butter, natural mentol, natural citric, protein powder and a couple of other ingredients. I did a little bit of research on the alakaline water. This type of water you can drink internally. It indicates that it helps to neutralize stored acids and toxins. There are some impressive before and after photos on their website as well. The website to this product is down below.

Lastly, if anyone decides to try any of these products, please come back to this article and post your review down below in the comments section. I would surely appreciate it.

Prices for these natural relaxers will run you anywhere from $15-$40. Check to see if the product provides a money back guarantee. The BodipHier System does not provide a money back guarantee and I could not find if the Baka Beauty does either. However, the Curlaway and the Janelle Beauty does provide money back guarantees. Read the ingredients and follow the usage on the boxes. Some natural relaxers require leaving the product on the hair longer than others. These times can vary from 35 minutes to 4 hours, and over a period of a couple of weeks before straightening effects are noticed.

Curlaway: Chemical Free Relaxer

Janelle Beauty: Diva Smooth-Without Chemicals

Baka Beauty: Natural-Laxer Hair Spa

Hair BodipHier System

Hair Dye and Hair Relaxers


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Tinisha:

      I can really appreciate a site like this! I have been natural for about 8 years now, and I have never been self-conscience. However, my daughter and I have thick hair; and as Black Girl above stated to just embrace your natural hair, yes , do that! But all I want to do is MANAGE it. At times when I am not going to the shop, I want to be able to wash my hair and not dread what comes after that - combing it out, and watch my baby's eyes well up because she thinks its going to hurt-im trying one of the products you suggested...thank you.

    • profile image

      Black Girl 

      6 years ago

      you shouldn't be ashamed by your hair. you gotta let its true curls shine, look at curly hair as a gift not something that holds you down. as a black girl something that has really helped me is devacurl. they embrace your curls and don't make you feel sad about your hair

    • tinisha12 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Hey Alphonso...thanks for the comment. I like your take on this subject... especially about not liking to go through the process. Not sure if they don't care about their own natural hair, but more like, some women don't really know what to do with their natural hair sometimes, so they go the wigs and weaves route, and its convenient :) Natural is beautiful to me. Don't get me wrong, I've tried braids and all that, but I'm learning a lot more about just going natural...and I love it! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your feedback.

    • Alphonso Taylor profile image

      Alphonso Taylor 

      7 years ago from Washington, DC

      This is good, Tinisha! For some reason, I don't think Black women really care about their own NATURAL hair anymore. I see a lot of Black women with wigs and weaves now because they're too ashamed of their hair. Most of them just don't like going through the process of getting it done. So, they rather go artificial, than original to traditional. Well, maybe with the natural relaxer, it can bring back some of the natural beauty of Black women.


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