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Natural Hair Struggles

Updated on August 14, 2017

Natural - Perm - Natural

I always struggle with my hair, wondering if I should keep it natural or put in a perm. Then there is the option of weave or braids. I could never quite decide what to do with my hair, but from an early age, I realize that I was in love with long hair. So, of course, when it became harder to comb my hair I was open to the idea of a perm. All this just happened to be around the time I started high school, but I wouldn’t dare suggest to get a grown woman’s hairstyle. So, I bided my time and maybe dropped some hints here and there that it took too long to comb my hair in the mornings and it was always so knotted. I was just frustrated with the whole thing. Months later, it seemed my wish had finally come true. My older sister was going to get her hair permed, but unlike me, she had long, soft natural hair, mine was short and very thick. Pretty, though, it was, it was not cute with big braids and clips and the like.

A half a tub of the perm crème was left over, and my mother decided that my hair would be permed. I was so happy, that was until I had to go under the hairdryer and that heat touched my scalp. Oh, I did not like that one bit. I grew to hate perms pretty quickly, but I was stuck with it because getting back to my natural hair would take time. Plus, it would be a terrible sight to go with it half permed. I would have to wear weave or braids, and those were forbidden at my school, so I suffered through it for six years. Then, after I left high school, I was free to wear weave and braids for as long as I wanted and believe me, I did. In 2015, I made the big cut, and I was pleased with my decision. It was hard at first, I had no ends or edges, so I had to twist and plait my hair regularly to grow some. I always did twist-outs, and even though it wasn’t very good for my hair, it looked damn good. The best thing I ever did was to keep my hair well moisturized with raw shea butter. So, that is how I got back to my kinky, natural hair.

I love my natural hair now, and I am glad I grew it out because perms are not fun. Natural hair is actually very fashionable and versatile.


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