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Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

Updated on July 19, 2012

Apple cider vinegar is a very effective remedy for mole removal. Make small ball of surgical cotton. Dip it in apple cider vinegar. Place it on the top of the mole and hold it in place with band aid strip. Repeat the process at least thrice a day. The mole will begin to shrink in size and disappear in 15 days. To protect the surrounding skin form the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar smear some vaseline on it before the application of apple cider vinegar.

Moles are a concentration of skin cells in the form of small spots. They are generally light brown to dark blue in color. Some of the reasons for the formation of moles are heredity, sunlight and propagation of pigmented cells. They are generally harmless but can turn to melanoma on rare occasions. They generally appear on the face, hands, back and chest regions. They can be removed by surgery or laser. As it may result in scarring some people prefer natural remedies for mole removal.

Other Home remedies for mole removal

  • Flax seed powder is mixed with honey and made into a paste. This paste can be applied on the mole several times a day.

  • Sour apple, fig or pineapple juice can be applied 3-4 times a day

  • Take a slice of onion or garlic and fasten it on the mole by means of a tape

  • Roast peels of pomegranate for a few minutes. Mix some fresh lime juice and grind it into a paste. Apply it on the mole 3-4 times a day.

  • Mix baking powder and castor oil. Apply this paste on the mole by a cotton swab.

  • A milky juice can be obtained from the banyan tree trunk. Apply this several times a day.

  • Taking potassium rich foods is helpful in the removal of warts and moles. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium. This can be taken every day.

  • Tree tea oil is an age old remedy for mole and wart removal. Simply wipe the mole and the surrounding area with cotton swab dipped tree tea oil. This has to be done 2-3 times daily for 15 days. The mole will simply fall off by itself.

  • Cut a potato into half and rub it on the mole. Repeat the procedure several times a day for 2-3 weeks. It will slowly disappear.

  • Crush coriander leaves and apply the poultice on the mole. It will reduce and disappear after several applications.

  • Dandelion roots are a very good natural remedy. Cut a dandelion root and apply the milky liquid on the mole several times a day.This is a very effective remedy.

  • Application of tincture iodine overnight will make the mole disappear after several applications.

  • Squeeze a fresh grape fruit and apply the juice obtained on the affected area. The mole will disappear after several applications

All these natural home remedies for mole removal are very simple but effective. They are an alternative to surgery and laser treatment.


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    • bnsridhar profile image

      bnsridhar 5 years ago from India

      Thank you

    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 5 years ago from Rome, Italy

      What a very interesting series of solutions here. I will send this to my son who has a lot of moles on his back. Thank you.