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Homemade Exfoliator:

Updated on July 22, 2015


How often do you exfoliate your face? If your mind goes blank at the word exfoliation, then you have to read this hub. Exfoliation is a key part of your skin care routine. Basically, exfoliating is simply using particles or beads to scrub the dead skin cells from your body so that the newer skin can generate fresh skin cells, giving your skin a more elastic and bright look and also keeping it healthy. Exfoliation also helps your skin breathe and stay break-out free. There is no way for your skin to look dewy and beautiful with a layer of dead cells on top, so shed that layer with only three items found in your pantry!

NOTE: I did not specify an amount for the olive oil for a very specific reason: it depends on what you like. Some people like an exfoliating scrub with more moisture and less beads, so add until you have a more liquid than mass scrub. However, if you want as little olive oil as possible, add enough that the scrub and sugar stay stuck together . Don't make the scrub flaky or dry, you'll rub your skin raw.

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Almost all of us have olive oil in our kitchens: We use it for cooking, to grease pans or trays, or to make homemade salad dressings. But did you know how healthy olive oil is for you?

First of all, olive oil contains the compound oleocanthal, which has the same anti- inflammatory properties as Ibuprofen. Furthermore, olive oil is packed with antioxidants, and packed with rare and vital Omega-3 fatty acids. But the most important health benefit of olive oil, at least for our purposes, is its moisturizing qualities. I is an excellent lip balm or moisturizer for the skin. Many people are reluctant to use olive oil for their skin because they think that it will clog their pores at cause outbreaks. However, the molecules in olive oil are too large to enter pores, and so it can't cause break outs. Did you know that in ancient Greece, the people who could afford it would take baths in olive oil. Plus, at dinner, each guest was given a finger bowl of olive oil to moisturize their hands. Wow, what a life. Although you don't have to bathe in it, since that would bankrupt many of us anyway, you can use it as a moisturizer, especially in the winter. In this scrub, the olive oil moisturizes your skin and dulls the abrasiveness of the sugar.

The Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is delicious, and all natural, literally nature's Splenda. However, isn't it amazing that it is not only fat-free, but also cholesterol-free and sodium-free. Plus it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins? It really does seem like some kind of super food.

However, it's true value is even more astounding when you think about what honey can do for your skin. Since honey is antimicrobial, it actually GETS RID OF ACNE. This sounds crazy, but let's put it this way...there are two causes for pimples, bacteria or skin oil. Honey kills the bacteria which are responsible for more than sixty percent of peoples' acne...sounds like a pretty sweet deal, no pun intended.

Furthermore, honey contains myriad antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals on your skin, AKA ANTI-AGING. That's why all those skin care, anti-aging products on TV always go on about how many antioxidants their product has, because they undo the aging that free radicals cause. How's this for a testament? Cleopatra, known for her beauty and lack of signs of aging, took baths in milk and honey. Also, haven't you seen how tons of beauty products claim to contain honey? This is why: it's great for your skin.

Finally, honey is a great moisturizer and leaves your skin feeling softer than anything else will. If you make the scrub, this will become apparent very quickly. Honey is just one of those ingredients that makes this scrub what is really is, and don't worry, your face isn't sticky after your wash it off, only soft and clean.


  • 5 tsp sugar (white crystalized)
  • 1 tsp honey
  • extra virgin olive oil


  1. Mix the honey with about 3 tablespoons of olive oil. I did not put a a measurement for the olive oil in the ingredients because it depends on the consistency of the mask that you want. You can experiment with different amounts.
  2. Mix in sugar teaspoon by teaspoon.
  3. Dip a few fingers in the scrub.
  4. Apply to the cheaks, nose, chin, and forehead. This scrub is also an excellent lip exfoliator and doesn't taste too horrible if you accidently get it in your mounth. Avoid your eye area.
  5. Gently massage scrub into face for 1 to 2 minutes.
  6. Wash off the scrub with warm water.
  7. Put scrub into a covered container and store at room temperature, lasts for about 3 months. use 2 to 3 times a week,

I would like to emphasize the point that you should not use this more than 3 times a week! This is a very abrasive scrub so please don't rip your face to shreds.

You may be wondering why there is not "Health Benefits of Sugar" section. Well, quite frankly, because there aren't very many. But in this scrub, it's extremely useful. It's only use is its scrubbing quality. Also, it is very hard for the sugar crystals to break and clog your pores. That's why this scrub is fantastic, it won't cause break outs in anyone AND it leaves your skin super-moisturized and super soft. It helps get rid of free-radicals, and thus reverse signs of aging. It kills bacteria and thus helps with acne. It takes away dead skin thus letting pores breathe and letting your skin regenerate better than before.

This is a great way to save money and pamper your skin. When you think about it, we spend so much of our life abusing our skin, the steam in showers causes wear and tear, the sun causes damage and wrinkles, our constant worrying makes it stretch in unnatural ways, not to mention the makeup, perfumes, laundry detergents, perfumes, and air polution which all put toxins into our skin. Let your face have a day off from trying to fight off all the dirt around us and scrub all that sludge away while also giving it a chance to recreate it's new cells.

NOTE: Obviously, if you are allergic to any of these products, please do not use them on your face.

Below, I'm also including a video for a quick olive oil and honey makes that you can make in 1 minute.

Honey and Olive Oil Mask in 1 Minute


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