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Natural Toothpaste for Kids

Updated on April 6, 2013

3 Reasons go with a Natural Toothpaste for Child

When it comes to children and dental care, most parents struggle to get the brushing routine even started. It can be a painstaking task, especially when traditional methods like supervising the kids and making them brush using regular brands found in stores today doesn't catch on right away.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. With perseverance you will get through this phase. However, it is far from beneficial for youth to be brushing with some of the many common store brands. This might sound like it’s coming from an over protective parent, but I feel it's true and needs to be said.

Before you allow your child to move forward with another ordeal of brushing, consider switching to natural toothpaste for your kids for a few reasons.

Have you thought about the chemicals in the toothpaste of your kids before?

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#1. Regular Toothpaste has Filler

Look at any major brand that is marketed by the major corporations today and you’ll be amazed at how much of the product is chemical filler. Just like food is heavily processed and has a paragraph length of ingredients that you shouldn’t eat, toothpaste has a great number of additives to not only make it taste a certain way, but also give of certain appearances. For example we are likely to link foaming with effective toothpaste in our minds.

These fillers might be fine to an adult, but to a child, they can prove to be problematic. Developing good habits isn’t just a matter of procedure; it’s also something that should include proper education, and understanding. Natural options do not have filler; instead they simply focus on what needs to get done, protect your teeth.

#2. Regular Toothpaste is Poisonous

Look at the back of your toothpaste tube, you’ll notice that there is a warning about: not having kids swallow the product. What are kids going to do 90% of the time? Think about that, and you’ll understand why this is an issue that needs to be adressed.

You may assume that you have the brightest kid in the world, but when it’s time for bedtime and they are rushing through their routine to try and get off to sleep, they will likely swallow these toxic chemicals. This is not a good thing, and could pose serious issues in the long term.

#3. Regular Children’s Toothpaste Doesn’t Work

If this doesn’t concern you, because you’re fine with “children’s” branded options from the major corporations, than you may want to look for a recent study from the Cochrane Oral Health Group based in the UK about the effectiveness of children’s branded toothpaste. The results were astonishing.

The study found that the brands had smaller concentrations of fluoride and more fillers than all regular options. While this might not sound like something dubious, it is actually problematic. Because of this, the pastes that were sold were relatively useless at preventing dental issues!

Yes, fluoride poisoning is real and some companies reduce it for the sake of protecting children from swallowing during brushing, but if not substituted with another teeth protecting ingredient then the toothpaste isn't that effective. However there is another way to ensure that your child is safe from fluoride and his or her teeth are clean.

Try Something Different: Natural Toothpaste

If nothing else, this is something to think about seriously. Natural toothpaste brands such as Toms of Maine, Weleda, Burt’s Bees, Green Beaver, Natural Dentist, Dr. Nate’s, and other natural products are now available. They are not only safe for children, but have more effective ingredients against common dental threats.

Perhaps the thing to note here is that there are alternatives - like sls free toothpastes - to major brands for a reason. Natural options not only help children develop good oral hygiene, but they can also prevent them from hurting themselves if they swallow toothpaste during the process.

The next time it’s time for bedtime, just look at what your putting in your child’s mouth, you will definitely think twice, especially when there are so many natural alternatives that work far better, and are formulated with the child's development as a primary concern.


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