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Natural Beauty Tips for Long, Shiny, and Thick Hair

Updated on November 3, 2014

Natural Tips to Make Hair Strong, Long, and Shiny

There are many excellent methods for improving your hair's health and beauty—simple things which you can try at home. With just a little effort, over time you will see positive results.

Good diet for good hair.
Good diet for good hair.

Good Diet for Good Hair

One of the most important things to do to improve the health and beauty of your hair is to change your diet and make sure you are eating foods that are rich in nutrients. Certain foods are very important for healthy hair, including eggs, yogurt, lentils, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. Drink plenty of water to remove your body's toxins. In addition to eating healthily, you might add some extra minerals like zinc, selenium, and vitamins that are both fat soluble and water soluble. Make sure you're getting enough of the following ingredients:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins D, E, and A
  • B-Complex Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Protein

Three oils to help hair loss.
Three oils to help hair loss.

Tip for Shedding, Thinning, or Weak Hair

Sometimes, you might notice that your hairbrush is accumulating an alarming amount of hair, or that your hair seems to be coming in thinner or finer, or you might notice that your hair has become so dry and brittle that it breaks easily.

Here is a tip to help prevent shedding, thinning, and breakage:

Mix two teaspoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of coconut oil, and one teaspoon of food-grade castor oil. Mix well and massage this oily mixture onto your whole scalp with your fingertips. Do it for about 20 minutes while also pulling and massaging the oil onto the shafts and ends of the hair. Leave the oils on your head for an hour and then wash with warm water and a little shampoo. Give a final rinse with cool water to lock in the moisture. Repeat this process three times a week and you will notice remarkable improvements.

For less frizz and more shine: Lemon and olive oil.
For less frizz and more shine: Lemon and olive oil.

Tip for Anti-Frizzing and Getting Shinier Hair

In our attempt to make our hair as shiny and silky as possible, we sometimes use ironing tools which, over time, inflict some collateral damage on your hair. This home recipe for silky, shiny hair can help.

Mix the juice of one lemon with two tablespoons of olive oil. Massage your scalp and hair with this mixture for ten minutes, then wash with shampoo. After your hair is dry, take one drop of castor oil and apply only on the ends of your hair, just before you style. Believe me, this will help make your hair silkier and less frizzy, and if you keep up this regimen, your hair will become stronger and shinier.

A vinegar rinse for thinning hair.
A vinegar rinse for thinning hair.

Tip for Thinning Hair

If your hair is getting thinner, try this:

  • Apply mustard oil to scalp, massage with fingertips, and leave in for an hour.
  • After washing with shampoo, do a final rinse with a cup of vinegar. Leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse again with lukewarm water.
  • Do this three times a week and your hair will become thicker, longer, and shinier.

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce
Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce

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      Eram 21 months ago from Anwar

      Amazing , It Really Worked

      For more such Natural Hair Care Tips visit

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      Great tips.

      For more such natural beauty tips for hair visit

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      Prity 2 years ago

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      Plz wo tip batao

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      muskan 2 years ago

      please give me advice for thick, long,shiny hair ... fast give me..............

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      kajal 2 years ago

      plzz advice me my hair very dry ,hair fall plzz suggest me .... i want shiny hair n strong and longer..

    • profile image

      Bald head 2 years ago

      You're not supposed to wash your hair with warm water

    • profile image

      rija 2 years ago

      Plz suggest me some neutral tip for my hair,I have thin fall problem is also here n my hair are not shiny

    • profile image

      shweta 2 years ago

      hi,,i have thin hair plz tel me tips for thik n long hair.

    • profile image

      yutika 3 years ago

      See neha as you said after applying more amount of hair falls

      those hairs are damaged ones

    • profile image

      Tanya 3 years ago

      I have used dabar amla and my hair started falling i used many shampoos and still my hair are falling. What remedy should I try? Suggest me plzzzz

    • profile image

      neha 3 years ago

      i want to my hair long and thick plz suggest me what home remedy should i do

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      namrata 3 years ago

      Wana make my hair long,thick,shiny nd soft..plz give me tips for beautiful hairs..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..becoz my hairfall is more nd more.

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      ip 3 years ago

      I want it 2 b healthy shinny and want 2 get rid of split ends and dryness because they ar immense....

    • profile image

      sonali 3 years ago

      amanzing , it really worked

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      neetu 3 years ago

      gonna use these tips

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      seemal 3 years ago

      gonna use these tips....

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      mona 3 years ago

      I m 22 years old..I have lots of splits & hair fall problem plzzzzzz plzzzz plzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzz for God Sa plzzzzz

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      Smritika 3 years ago

      Mine is very thin and now it has started falling too ....Wat shud I do ??

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      swetha 3 years ago

      i need long & thick hair my hairfall is more

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      i want thick n long hairs..i have hair fall pror.n dry hair.prob.

      please givev me suggestions..

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      sana 3 years ago

      Want thick and long hair

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      indu 3 years ago

      I'm 30 yes I have thin and hair loss problem any solution pls

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      asha 3 years ago

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      hema 3 years ago

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      Nirmala 3 years ago

      I have lots splits hair. and i want make thick hair what should i do.

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      ayesha abudul ghafoor arain. 3 years ago

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      rashme 4 years ago

      I want to make my hairs thick and long what should I do

    • MelStie profile image

      MelStie 4 years ago from San Francisco, California

      Applying the pro naturals hair repair mask at least twice a week sure keeps hair healthy, check it out!

    • profile image

      steffi graph 4 years ago

      I have more hair fall nd my hair is rough nd thin.I want to make my hair thick long nd soft.gv me some natural tips.

    • profile image

      kainat 4 years ago

      Thanks for the tips.I will try them today.

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      shabina zarin 4 years ago

      thanku...gonna try this....

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      pooja 4 years ago

      Is curd also use full in making hair thicker

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      tina 4 years ago

      my is very thin.i want my hair to be very thik and black and little bladness in forehead.

    • profile image

      rajitha 4 years ago

      which vinegar should we use

    • profile image

      sulaiman 4 years ago

      can we use shampoo?which vinegar should we use ?

    • profile image

      honey 4 years ago

      very useful tips thanks

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      JENNY 4 years ago

      Hi you said vinger to use on hair but which white or brown vngr to use on hair plse give me a guideline thanks

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      gohari 4 years ago

      please tell about thin and hair fall plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      PL 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Khusi Singh 4 years ago

      Shahnaz Husain brings a perfect solution for hair loss - Shamla Scalp Cleanser

      The formulation contains Amla (Embolic officinal is) which adds body to the hair and makes them stronger, a powerful scalp and hair cleanser, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes. It also thickens the hair shaft and promotes hair luster.

      Method of Use : Recommended for natural to dry hair. Its combination with SHARINSE is recommended to improve texture.

      Some other products are also there at for hair control.



    • profile image

      meghna 4 years ago

      massaging with oils is causing me a lot of hairfall.can u suggest any other natural tips without using oils?

    • profile image

      kalyani 4 years ago

      vinegar will not effect the hair

    • profile image

      ameera tabassum 4 years ago

      what can i do for a frizzy hair?

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      Naisha 4 years ago

      I have tried it but when I use oils to massage it fall continuously what can I do for it please help me I am desperate about it,thankyou

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      Nisha Agarwal 4 years ago

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      Mehwish Awan 5 years ago

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      aniie 5 years ago

      replacement of castor oil

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      shana 3 months ago 5 years ago

      very use ful for tips ........ thanks

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      neha 5 years ago

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      Mrs asif 7 years ago

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      Dr irum 7 years ago

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