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Nature and Beauty for women long Hair and Skin

Updated on September 4, 2016
The Long Hair woman, in India
The Long Hair woman, in India

Shahida Siddique Khan wrote several articles for The Desert Times. She also encouraged me to continue The Desert Times. During my absence from Riyadh, she took the responsibility to publish the newsletter.

The following article was written for issue # 5 published on 17 September 1997.

Hope you all enjoy this article. I invite you all to contribute your suggestion for improving hair and skin through natural remedies. You can add your thoughts and suggestion in the comments column. Click here to go to the comments section.

Here is yet another article from Shahida Khan written for The Desert Times.

Nature and Beauty

By: Shahida Siddique Khan

A decade or two ago skin and hair treatment from the aspect of cure were relatively unknown. Superficial beauty treatment or hair stylings were “treats”. Women went in for without realising the beauty is the outcome of long-term and lifelong care.

The beauty of skin and hair depend on their health, their diets and habits, climatic factors are important in beauty car. Treatment and cosmetics suited to some skins may not be the answer to other skin. I believe that the external condition of skin and hair is directly related to the internal body condition and vice versa.

Pankaj with 7 Foot Long Hair Record

Nature is expert Cosmetologist!

Nature is not only a cosmetologist but also an expert chemist! She has provided such versatile natural ingredients that enhance the beauty of the skin and hair, having amazing curative properties. The body response to organic substances is extremely good and there is the advantage of protection from chemical after effects and irritating reactions.

Natural Herbal Extracts for Healthy Hair

Plants and herbal extracts, essential oils and tinctures have several benefits as cosmetic applications. Some have nourishing or cleansing actions, some whip up the circulation. Others refine the pores, while some freshen the skin leaving it soft and glowing. Many promote the skin's capacity to observe, thus allowing the better penetration of the product applied. Natural ingredients have preventive, protective and even corrective actions. Apart from the curative aspects herbal cosmetic aids are ideal for maintaining the health of the skin and hair.

Indian Women with Long Hair - Photo Gallery

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Another woman with long hair...
Another woman with long hair...
Another woman with long hair...

Skin and Hair

The skin is one of the most intriguing organs of the body. It performs many important functions and is highly efficient. It is essential a covering but does more than mere hold us together. The unbroken skin is impervious to air, water, dust and bacteria, and protects us from all these. It also eliminates waste matter and regulates and maintains body temperature. It reflects the state of our internal health and our emotions so faithfully depending on the parts it covers and functions it is expected to perform.

The thickness and sensitivity vary. The skin of the scalp, palm and sole are thick while the skin on the face, lips is thin – sensitive and mobile. The live breathing organ is extremely tough and yet so soft, resilient and flexible.

Hair Loss - Traumatic Experience

Nothing alarms a person more than to be confirmed with the problem of hair loss. Coming face to face with it can be traumatic experience – one that can neither be shared nor happily camouflaged. Down the ages ideals of beauty have placed a high value on the hair. Hair is never going to be out of fashion.

Again from chemical cosmetics back to nature, the cycle has turned to a full cycle. Synthetic shampoos are now accused of causing several irritations including dandruff and excessive dryness of hair and scalp. Now the natural goodness and purity of nature’s gift to beautify hair and skin have been rediscovered. More and more women, as well as men all over the world, are realising the real worth of natural herbs for cosmetic purposes. Vegetable dyes and rinses were also known in ancient times but these have come back into fashion in past few years. Synthetic conditioners, tints, rinses and dyes deprive the scalp of natural oils and proteins.

The skin, which has been well nourished, does not suffer any problem and is in good condition.

Long, long hair...
Long, long hair...

Healthy Luxuriant Hair

The hair like the skin is the barometer of your internal health. Healthy luxuriant hair is not difficult to achieve. Like all beauty assets, it needs constant care with the basic knowledge of an expert. Beauty does not stay limited to the skin and hair there is a lot more to consider about.

I have always believed in life it is not you want that is important, what really matters is how badly you want. It is possible to achieve just about everything in life what is necessary is total dedication, honesty and loyalty to your values.

To end with I would only say a woman must only have the desire to be beautiful, to be cured. The desire to be beautiful is innate in every human being. My only advice is “if you can pay... pay, if you can’t, the pray”!

Ankle Length Silky Hair

Your Comments & Advise for Skin/Hair Care naturally

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    • profile image

      n s 2 years ago

      the woman sitting with the long hair - must be a artificial one

    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 5 years ago from Bangalore

      thanks for your comments.

      yes, sarovai, it would need another hub to write on all types of natural herbs for healthy hair and skin. I am already working on the same.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 5 years ago

      There is no alternative for natural ways and means for maintaining our health, whether it is for body or skin or hair. Your hub on this topic explains about that. Thank u for sharing. I think , you might have included , what type of natural things to use to maintain the hair, lengthy and silky. May be another hub?