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Naughty Lingerie Costumes

Updated on October 12, 2009

Sometimes plain old pretty lingerie isn't enough. Sometimes you want your lingerie to be themed. Sometimes your lingerie needs to be location or situation appropriate. That's where lingerie costumes come in. With lingerie costumes you can simultaneously be prancing around in your panties and also be a gangster, or even a soldier in the army. The options are endless when it comes to costume lingerie.

All the lingerie in today's article comes from, because when they do costumes, they do them with a passion that cannot be denied.

Tuxedo Teddy

Teddies are popular items in the bedroom, but they do lack a certain formality. Overcome this problem and kill two birds with one stone by wearing this saucy little tuxedo teddy to your next black tie event. There's even a little black bow tie nestling in the cleavage there, so nobody will be able to complain that you do not meet the required dress code. In fact, I think if you wear this outfit, you'll probably be the toast of the ball / boardroom.

Army Camo Lingerie

They say war is hell, but if all soldiers were dressed like this, war might have a much better reputation than it currently does. It would probably also be a great deal less deadly and destructive. I don't know why anyone hasn't thought of this before. We don't need hippy peaceniks cluttering up the place with their anti war signs, we need to replace the heavy artillery with bouncy artillery.

Pirate Lingerie

Piracy is becoming a problem for real on the high seas, but there's no reason why we can't hearken back to the days when catching pirates meant lynching them, not sniping at them. Also, they were apparently a good deal prettier than modern day pirates and wore a lot less. Perhaps if the modern pirates took to wearing this kind of uniform, Russian vessels wouldn't mind being boarded quite so much. I know I already made this argument with the army lingerie, but I'm beginning to think this might be a universal solution to all our problems.

Witch Lingerie

Who doesn't dream of being a witch and dancing, lingerie clad, under a full moon? They have brooms that can fly, you know. This costume is sure to satisfy every mesh lined witch fantasy you've ever had, and some you are yet to have, I imagine. That's probably a thong under that little barely there skirt, so keep that in mind when you mount your broomstick and fly off into a starry night of dreams.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Note that the Pirate costume may also fit the bill as "religious attire" for devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, otherwise known as Pastafarians.

      "Yarrrr," indeed!

    • Misha profile image


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Naughty is like naughty does! ;)


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