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Nautical Shoes for Women

Updated on June 7, 2011

Summer trend: nautical shoes for women

When it's summer, the nautical style fits perfectly: the blend of white, tones of blue, red and black, remembering of the sailors that spend much of their time on sea and making your thought fly to the images of sun, luxury yahts, parties and sea.

The summer season arrives with a tempting new trend: Nautical style, looking chic, like just coming from a cruise. Now accessories, from earrings to ballet motifs are printed and applications with themes like "yacht club": anchor, boat sails, steering, strings of rope or rope imitating stylized images depicting aquatic pets.

And not only accessories take advantage of this change of style, instead of puffy-sleeved shirts or shoes with buckles and ruffles, tailored shirts, cuffs shorts, mini skirts and trapeze dresses are made of natural materials, obtaining a simple layout, light and elegant, suitable for a holiday spent on the yacht. To get a chic retro look you should choose from the accepted colors: white, red and blue, accessorized with gold or silver.

Big fashion houses offer you delicious variations for this summer's nautical style, the price-to-wear collections at the "resort", designed specifically for the holiday season.

Lacoste Women's Alisha Slip-On Sneaker
Lacoste Women's Alisha Slip-On Sneaker

Match these fun Lacoste Sneakers with a white tennis-like skirt and a white and red stripes top.


Get the nautical look easy

How can you get this look in the easiest way? Choose a light fabric white dress, you can wear with flats or espadrilles (red for added color) and a ribbon at the waist as a belt. An oversized bag, striped fabric (blue) or printed-water grounds, and the rope straps completes this look. Wears a gold necklace as jewelry-like charm, with several pendants.

You have freedom of choice to combine pieces such as shorts with cuffs, or those long, flaring foot, high-waisted style "sailor" (double locking system, with buttons placed symmetrically on the side), red and white striped tops and blue (care must be horizontal stripes tops), mini dress with a collar-type boat, ship embossed Sarafan. If you prefer a classic look, you can sum up the navy striped polo shirt, white pants, slightly flared skirts and blazers in two rows of gold buttons. Wear them with nautical shoes made of leather or fabric for a modern lacquered: flats, peep-toe shoes or sandals with platform soles rattan, cork and wood.

Nautical is one versatile style, easy and suitable in almost any situation. It is rather according to days of vacation, you'll tell me. Well, you can adjust them for a day at the office.

Nautical style: a breeze of fresh air

Light clothes and nautical shoes for women are popular when summer sets. Wear a pair of light fabric, white pants, a white and blue striped top and a pair of nautical shoes, and you're the summer icon.

If you want a crisp, clean look, or even a somehow sophisticated or classical-chic look, for a walk on the french riviera or a night on a friend's yaht or even a city walk, while pushing a stroller, then the nautical style will do.

If the classic nautical style is too rigid and too masculine for you, then you can take a combined outfit, you will be at the same time unique and trendy.

Even if it's elegant or casual, clothes are easy to match, if you know how to combine the necessary elements.

Cool nautical shoes for women from Zazzle

Nautical shoes for women come in many fabrics, colors and shapes. Here are a few that really look amazing, and are not expensive.


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