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Navajo Necklace

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Beautiful Navajo Necklace

A Navajo necklace is a beautifully hand-crafted and unique accessory to any outfit. Whether you have jeans on or are ready for an evening out in your little black dress, a Navajo necklace will certainly improve any clothing you have on. It will hold its own against any outfit.

Typically made from beads, silver or turquoise, Navajo necklaces are a great gift idea yourself or for someone special. Be prepared to spend a little money if you are looking for an authentic Navajo necklace, although depending on the intricacy and authenticity, the prices range from very affordable to high-end. Knowing your budget and your style will help you decide what Navajo necklace will be perfect for you.

Tips for Buying Navajo Necklaces

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You should think about your neck size and body size before choosing a Navajo necklace to buy. If it's for someone else, you should think about the same thing. You do not want an overpowering thick beaded necklace on a little girl.

There are Navajo necklaces that are very dainty and elegant if you are looking for a necklace that is not overpowering or a necklace for someone very petite. If the wearer is very petite, opt for shorter heavily layered necklaces like choker-styles, although a mid-length layered beaded necklace could look just as nice. If the classic, layered bead look is too much, look for Navajo necklaces with a single strand of small beads or mostly silver with turquoise or beaded accents.

If the Navajo necklace is for a grown woman with the substantial size or personality to carry off a very thick necklace, then your choices are endless. If you want to be really stylish, try the beaded layers Navajo necklaces that will be sure to turn heads.

There are so many different types of Navajo necklaces that there wouldn't be enough room to describe them all. While many are made with turquoise, many are made with more natural colored stone beads. Each single Navajo necklace is unique and individual. No matter who you buy your Navajo necklace for, the recipient will always feel special and elegant when they wear it.

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Navajo Necklace


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