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Navy Blue Belt

Updated on March 21, 2011

Belt Fashion

A navy blue belt can be a way not to only keep your pants from falling down but also a way to make a fashion statement. Belts have been used by men and woman for decades and I do not believe that they will ever go out of fashion. It is a good idea to have many belts in your wardrobe. While you may think that is clothes that you should match your belt to it is actually your shoes.

A navy blue belt will match many styles and colors of shoes including boots and brown shoes. Do not take matching your belt and shoes to seriously unless it will be seen by lots of people or you are attending a very formal affair. Most likely people will not even notice if your belt matches your shoes or clothing, as most people are not that observant.

Navy Blue Belt Appeal

The greatest appeal of a navy blue belt is that it is different. By this I mean that it is not your normal black belt or brown belt that most people wear. While you may not necessarily be a fashion trendsetter with a different color belt, at least you will not be likely be like every one else in the room.

The most likely shirt colors to wear a navy blue belt are cool colors, like blues, greens, and deep reds. When wearing this color belt you should avoid wearing bright color or neon tops. Pants that can be worn with a navy blue belt are blue, black, and even jeans. you will want to likely stay away from khaki pants or shorts with the navy blue belt.

Shopping for a navy blue belt maybe a little more difficult than shopping for a black or brown belt. Since the navy blue color is not as popular as the others, it may lead to a more difficult time finding one. For this reason I recommend shopping online when it comes to locating the perfect navy blue belt. Just be sure to take a waist measurement so that you are sure of the belt size that you need.

You can shop online for navy blue belts at and also eBay.

Navy Blue Belt
Navy Blue Belt


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