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Navy Blue Blouse

Updated on March 16, 2011

The Blouse is Great for any Occasion

No matter the occasion or event a navy blue blouse can most likely be worn to compliment your skirt, suit, dress pants, or even blue jeans. If you are a man think of a blouse as a man's cardigan, something to be worn over another article of clothing. The blouse go's back centuries in fashion and is though to be started by French fashion advisers.

What makes a blouse so versatile is not only its look but also the many materials that it can be made from. The most popular materials for a blouse to be made from are silk, satin, and cotton. When choosing the material that you want a blouse made from, think of the climate that you will be wearing it in.

What to Wear with a Navy Blue Blouse

The great thing about a navy blue blouse is that you can wear virtually anything that you want with it. If it is a warm day a skirt is perfect to be worn with it and do not worry about wearing different fabrics with a blouse. An example is wearing a silk blouse with a satin skirt.

If you are going to wear navy blue blouse with jeans this outfit is perfect for days out shopping or informal events. The blouse is a perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans without going overboard. This outfit also has the benefit of being very comfortable.

The prices of navy blue blouses are for the most art fair. Expect to pay more for designer name brands. If you are on a budget consider shopping at discount stores or on-line to find bargains. No matter the price that you pay for a blouse they are a great addition to almost all outfits.

You can shop or eBay for a wide selection of navy blue blouses.

Navy Blue Blouse
Navy Blue Blouse


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