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Navy Blue Handbags

Updated on March 12, 2011

Every Woman in the World Needs Navy Blue Handbags

Navy blue handbags are a great classic option if you're looking for something other than black and aren't ready to take the next step to a brighter shade of handbag like a yellow or turquoise handbag.

If you're worried that a navy handbag won't go with as much of your wardrobe as black or brown, then you should consider that navy blue has always been one of the classic neutral colors that all women should consider as far as navy blue skirts or navy blue slacks for every day wear. While black should always be a first choice for a suit or skirt, navy blue should always be your next choice in fashion.

You won't have to change your entire coat or shoe collection to match your navy blue handbags, because it will pretty much go with everything you already own. It is also a great option if you already have a fair collection of handbags and are looking for something a little more elegant than animal print, but a bit different than a basic black handbag. It's especially a nice idea for an elegant evening navy blue clutch instead of black. Just make sure you don't pair it with your black shoes and dress.

Navy blue handbags are available in a ton of styles in a tone of different materials with a ton of price tags to match the different styles. If you're looking for designer navy blue handbags like a Marc Jacobs handbag or something a little less expensive in a navy blue leather handbag, try looking online for navy blue handbags. Sites like Amazon and eBay often have a terrific collection of navy blue handbags in every price range. Whether you're looking to pay less than $30 or more than $300, you are sure to find what you need at either store. Visit eBay or to see what they have available in their navy blue handbag inventory right now.

Designer Navy Blue Handbags vs. No-Name Navy Blue Handbags

While there are sometimes differences in quality between designer navy blue handbags and lesser known brand names, the most important difference will be the pricing.

  • Designer navy blue handbags will always cost you a lot more, however, looking at online auction sites is a great place to start for discounted navy blue handbags.
  • The second difference - styles available. The designer navy blue handbags will always be more stylish and up-to-date with the current fashion trends, while lesser brand names or no-name brands will often try to imitate the current fashion trends, it doesn't always work. If you're going to buy a no-name navy blue handbag, opt for more classic styles like the tote, clutch, or hobo handbag.

If designer names aren't important to you but the name is, try looking for last season's styles for a lot less or a more classic style handbag that will last you for years. There is one more important difference.

  • Materials used. The leather and fabrics used in designer navy blue handbags will be more expensive, higher quality, and more luxurious than what you'll find in lesser brand name handbags. While the overall construction quality is not that different, the luxury of materials used will be.

Navy Blue Handbags
Navy Blue Handbags

Navy Blue Bags

There are many varieties of navy blue bags to choose from. The only problem you may face is making the final decision. With all the cute options available, it can sometimes be very difficult to decide which purse you want...even what type of purse you want. It's really all a matter of how much you hope to hold in your purse. Are you a woman or girl who doesn't have much in their purse or are only using it for special occasions? Then a navy blue clutch would be a perfect option.

Do you plan on holding your life in your navy blue handbag? Then large hobo navy blue handbags are the choice for you or an adorable navy blue tote handbag. No matter what type of navy blue bags you're looking for, try looking online. They have everything from croc finish navy blue leather handbags to cute wool navy blue handbags from designers. Whatever your price range, you can surely find something you love.


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