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Navy Blue Pump

Updated on March 21, 2011

Why You Need a Navy Blue Pump

The navy blue pump is a staple for any woman's shoe collection. Whether they're for work or play, a navy blue pump is almost as versatile as a black pump when it comes to versatility. There are, however, some colors that navy blue looks horrible with, like black. Of course, black looks pretty bad with navy blue too.

For example, if you think of creams, camel colors and oranges, navy blue actually looks better with them than black. Navy blue tends to warm colors up, where black most often cools them down. Also, think about how awful black and orange look together unless it's Halloween.

This is why every woman needs a pair of navy blue dress slacks or navy blue skirt with a nice navy blue pump.

Many Styles of the Navy Blue Pump

When it comes to the navy blue pump, you have as many sophisticated or cute designs as you do with the black pump. It's your decision what type of navy blue pump you will buy. Keep the shoe's practical purpose in mind.

If they're for the office and you do a lot of walking or running around the office all day, then opt for a classic lower pair of navy blue pumps with a low heel. You can choose a peep toe low heel too if your office will allow it.

If you're in an office and you don't walk or run around all day, then you can choose a classic style pump or updated classic pump that is sleek, round or square-toed pump with whatever size heel you want. If you want a peep toe, go for it.

If you're looking for navy blue pumps to wear for going out with the girls, then get wild or go for a really stylish navy blue pump. For formal affairs, choose a classic pump with a generous heel. Don't go too high though, because you may give the wrong impression of yourself.

Most importantly, have fun when you're shopping for a navy blue pump for yourself. If it's for work, be more cautious. Remember, that a shoe can make the outfit.

If shopping online for navy blue pumps I suggest searching or eBay for low prices and wide selection of shoes.

navy blue pump
navy blue pump


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