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Navy Blue Skirt

Updated on March 10, 2011

The Classic Navy Blue Skirt

They say that navy is the new black, so why not try a navy blue skirt for a change from the usual black? It can be a fun alternative from the typical black skirts you most often wear out or to work. Does this mean that you should switch everything in your closet over to navy blue? Absolutely not. It just means that you should branch out a little in your wardrobe and try something new, like a classic navy blue skirt.

They're perfect for the business woman, yet perfect for the little girl or teenager as well. Navy blue is actually a great color skirt for younger children, because like dark denim, it just doesn't dirty easily.

The Navy Blue Pencil Skirt

The navy blue pencil skirt may be the most classic of the classic. Depending on the style and length, a navy blue pencil skirt can look great on any woman, any figure, any size. Whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, a navy blue pencil skirt can really slim you down. Plus, it looks great with a blouse, a tee, a sweater, or your favorite blazer.

If you look online, you can often find a variety of navy blue skirts for less. I like to check out Amazon or eBay for a variety of price ranges, brand names, and designer labels. If you're curious to see what's currently available at either site, visit or eBay right now.

If you want to find out what style pencil skirt is best for your body, keep reading below about how to choose a skirt that is right for your body.

Navy Blue Skirt Suit

Now that you know how great a navy blue pencil skirt can be for you and your closet, you can now think about whether or not you want to go for the entire navy blue skirt suit. As with the navy blue skirt, the navy blue skirt suit is an exceptional option for the office. It's a great alternative from black and can look just as good with just as many colors.

For the most classic style navy blue skirt, opt for classically tailored designs like a suit coat with a navy pencil skirt. Pencil skirts will always be the epitome of elegance and grace in the office. If you are uncomfortable in a pencil skirt, opt for an a-line navy blue skirt suit or straight lined navy blue skirt suit. You could always opt for a longer jacket style too.

Navy Blue Skirt

Finding a Navy Blue Skirt to Suit Your Shape

If you're worried that you won't be able to find a navy blue skirt that looks good on you, then consider the various options of styles out there for you. Here are some skirt shopping secrets.

For the woman who is larger on top:

  • Although this may seem like a curse to you, you actually have the most options when it comes to skirts, because you most likely have fit or thin legs with minimal hips. You can easily pull off long pencil skirts, knee-length pencil skirts, tulip skirts, mini skirts if you're the proper age, wrap skirts, and straight skirts.
  • There are only two types of skirts that will not flatter you as well. These two types of skirt may make your legs look even smaller than they are are a-line skirts that widen at the bottom and ruffled skirts that will add too much bulk.

For women who are larger on the bottom:

  • You have to be more careful about what styles of skirts you wear as not to make your hips look disproportionately curvy compared to your upper body.
  • Opt for straight lined styles, a-line skirts, knee-length or shorter pencil skirts, looser fitting skirts in general. Look for well-tailored skirts with properly designed darts.
  • There are certain things to consider. Anything that will draw into the thigh area too much will only accentuate your hips. Make sure there is always enough room in the hips and thigh area. Skirts you should never wear are long pencil skirts or pencil skirts where the hemline is tapered, long tighter fitting skirts, long ruffled skirts as they will make you look just large, and mini skirts if you don't have toned legs.

For curvy hourglass figures:

  • Opt for pencil skirts that are tapered at the bottom or longer versions, mini skirts, flare cut skirts, tulip skirts, circle skirts, and asymmetrical skirts because they will all play up on your even curves, making you look sexy. There isn't any type of skirt that doesn't look good on you, so have fun and remember, if you don't have toned legs, don't wear short skirts.

For straight shaped women or girls, you need to give the illusion of curves.

  • Pencil skirts that hug your leg the whole way down will do wonders for you. Look for pencil skirts that taper into your leg near the hem. Also try pleated skirts, flared skirts, skirts that hug you almost all the way down then flare at the bottom, and godet style skirts. These will all give the illusion of curves.
  • Look for fabrics that hang nicely, add volume to your bottom, and don't make you look curveless.

Another good rule of thumb is look for skirts that will make your body more proportionate. For petite women, shorter hemlines or hemlines down to mid-calf look best to lengthen you. For taller women, stick to skirts that hit below the knee, so you don't look too leggy at the office.

These are just basic rules to keep in mind when choosing your navy blue skirt. If you see a navy blue skirt you really love, forget about the rules sometimes and go for it. Plus, navy blue is a dark color, so it will always minimize your bottom, which for many of us, is a godsend.

Navy Blue Skirt
Navy Blue Skirt


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