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Navy Blue Suits

Updated on March 10, 2011

Why Choose Navy Blue Suits Over Another Black Suit

Navy blue suits can be a very welcome change whether it's around the office or a more formal affair. While you will always need to wear black for a very formal affair, navy blue suits are a great idea for afternoon to evening weddings to less formal evening weddings to business. Depending on your accessorizing and the quality of your suit, you could also be able to wear it to a formal evening wedding. It's up to you.

While your first suit should almost always be black because of the fact that everyone will remember you're wearing the same navy blue suit, navy blue suits are just as versatile as black, but with a little added extra warmth. There's often something very cold about a black suit, that navy blue suits just don't have. Whether it's a classic tailored men's navy blue suit or a woman's classic tailored pant suit or a navy blue skirt suit, you can find a wide variety of styles online or in-stores. If you're not into shopping, then online is your best bet at sites like or eBay.

Shopping For A Navy Blue Suit

If you think that there's just not enough choice in style when it comes to navy blue suits, you need to get out more often or try looking online for the best range of styles and cuts. Make sure you know your proper size before shopping for a men's suit online though, unless you might end up with something you just can't button. Don't go by what size you used to be in high school.

The same holds true for women looking for navy blue suits. Know your true size, not the size you want to be in a year. It is also important to know what style you want.

For something for the office, try to stick to very well-tailored, classically cut navy blue suits. Look for just below the hip jackets and properly hemmed slacks. For women who are looking for a skirt suit, opt for navy blue skirt suits with the same style jacket and a skirt that hits just above to just below the knee for a navy blue suit that you won't get sick of. For regular women's pants suits, look for darted navy blue jackets that give you a shapelier figure and that hit below the hip and proper length pants. Don't buy pants and not have them hemmed if they are too long.

Wearing too short jackets for a man or a woman will just make you look very cut in half. It's great if you're not going for a classic look, and some petite women actually look taller in the short coat, but if this is one of your only two suits, buy a navy blue suit with a hip length jacket. If you're taller, you don't need the added height.

Also, beware of navy blue suits that are too long or too big. Longer navy blue suit coats are great if you're trying to be stylish an you are tall, but most of the time it will only make you look haggard, frumpy, or very short - especially if it's not proper fitting..

Navy Blue Suits


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