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Navy blue shoes

Updated on August 16, 2012

Casual wear can be very daunting especially if your regular income is just enough for you to get by in a certain amount of time. Others considered it a hassle when the corporation you are working for does not require its employees to wear uniform. You wake up, take a shower and when it is time to get dress you realize that you have used all your casual wear. Much to your dismay, you have realized that you have been wearing the same dress more than thrice in a month. This circumstance happens for the simple fact that the pairs of shoes you have do not match your clothes. On your next payday, spend just an hour online and look for navy blue shoes that are great for casual wears.

For Her

Navy blue is a vintage color which can perfectly match any lighter colors you have on top. Black, beige, white, gray and subdued colors are too common to be used these days. While navy blue shoes are darker, it also adds vibrancy to your aura. Whether you wear faded blue jeans with a white blouse or plain white dress, the contrasting color of your shoes enhances your outfit in a trendy way.

Navy blue shoes look great with its different styles and designs. If you keep on browsing and searching over the net, you get across high-heeled Mary Jane’s, ankle-strapped sandals, stiletto pumps, low-heeled pumps, and diamante inspired navy blue shoes. Some of the shoes are made of synthetic materials and highlighted with ribbons and shoe clips, others are made of genuine leather for a more active and adventuresome purposes.

For Him

Navy blue has also been associated with anything nautical. If you want you are a fashion aficionado, a pair of navy blue shoes should be a part of your shoe collection. Black and brown are easily paired with other colors, however the shades are too common most of the people you encounter wear them. Men can mix and match with their outfit too. They can make their own fashion statement like women do. Online shoe stores offer great varieties of shoes that are perfect for a guy who wears his shoes confidently.

For all ages

Probably one of the advantages of having navy blue as a color you should consider getting for your wardrobe and footwear is that it can be worn by men and women of different ages. Your little ones can look angelic with a matching powder blue dress and a navy blue baby-doll shoe. If your youngest son is asked to be the ring-bearer of your best friend’s wedding, dress him fashionably with an all-white suit and a navy blue leather shoes. Navy blue can be both formal and informal. If you needed to look more professional and subdued on a luncheon meeting with your clients, a navy blue stiletto pumps is best with an ivory business suit. With winter and cold nights in the air, you can choose for a knee-length boots with a touch of navy blue in it.


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