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Necessary: How to Keep Your Vagina Smelling Nice

Updated on December 11, 2010

Yes, you have stumbled across a hub titled,"How to Keep Your Vagina Smelling Nice", it's not a mistake or typo. This information is very much a necessity. It's a well down fact that women want to know... how to smell good "down there".There are so many teenaged and adult women who have poor hygiene or just simply need advice on how to keep their "feminine area" smelling nice. This information I'm providing is only based on my own opinions and experience, so what works for me may not exactly work for you. I don' t see any reason for my advice not to work, as it works perfectly for me. All I'm here to do is simply provide you ladies with a few tips and tricks that I use often for myself.

People (especially younger men) have the common assumption that women should smell fragrant or have no odor "down there". Well, guys (and some misled women), you're wrong. Every woman has a natural scent. Now, this scent should not drift through your clothing and disturb everyone within 3 feet of you, nor should it be fishy. Basically, the only person who should smell your scent is your lover (sexually), and maybe yourself. So, don't feel down or embarrassed about that. I've read (and experienced) that your partner more than likely doesn't notice it, or loves it (*blushes*).

1. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are just as a big necessity as soap when bathing. I carry the travel sized Huggies compartment in my purse. Ladies, let's face it. While we are "ladies", and love to be clean and smelling good, our urine smells no better than a man's. So, I utilize baby wipes every time after I pee. Toilet paper alone is fine, but I find it not to be enough, especially on a date night. Trust me, this works.

2. Hair

Hair carries smell. The more hair, the more of a smell you will have. I am not advising every one of you to go out and shave or wax your vaginas, but I promise it helps. It leaves you feeling more feminine, clean, smooth, and best of smell. Sometimes, I wont go all the way as to have my entire kitty waxed, leaving a small patch on your mound is fine in most cases (I hope this isn't too explicit!).

3. Panty Liners

Panty liners are a gift from god. They not only keep my feeling and smelling fresh after my menstrual cycle, but for everyday use as well. I don't have to explain to you women what panty liners "capture", but you can be rest assured having it on the panty liner is better than on your underwear that you'll be wearing for hours. Any brand is fine, my favorite is by Always.

4. Douche

Now, this is a touchy subject. People have argued that it's not healthy, but I've also had gyno's say it's okay, so I'm not what works for you. I don't recommend douching often, but sometimes, it does help in drastic cases. You know when you need it, just don't use it often. For instance, I use Summer's Eve whenever I feel not-so-fresh, which is normally after my menstrual cycle or sexual intercourse.

There are a host of other methods to actually making your vagina "fragrant". Personally, I don't use them so you will have to go else where to search for the "does drinking pineapple juice make your vagina smell fruity" portion, hehehe.


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    • profile image

      parvathy 2 years ago

      keep the area dry, wipe the area using toilet paper, never wash always after pissing

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      I think this is a great hub,Yes men like a fresh smelling women, and her attention to this area is appreciated by most men. Keep up the interesting articles, Thank You..

    • profile image

      Shazslizza 4 years ago

      Great advice indeed...very healthy advice

    • profile image

      catherine 4 years ago

      really helpful website

    • profile image

      Really 5 years ago

      Barry is an idiot, this is not adult content. Its nature & America.

    • profile image

      me me 5 years ago

      everybody love to talk how women smell and wat they need to do so don't anyone tell these MEN how to keep their DICKS from STINKING because they too have these awful odors that they don't believe they have.they need huggies just as much IF NOT MORE

    • profile image

      ashley 5 years ago

      hi guys..let me say this, but this is only my opinion..the food could makes us bad odor,but you can eat that foods that is less in ingredients..

      don't eat the foods that is strong in odors, like garlic, and onions,you can eat just few only.. it is nice as simply foods, and also carrots and calamansi juice can help this situations and also milk is good but it can be smell like fishy, you can drink but not too much..if you drink oranges juice this is ok but you smell too like oranges,and it would make yours sweet too... i hope this could help you some clue..

    • profile image

      miss woo 5 years ago

      This is a good sub. To talk about there are young ladies who cant talk to their mom about this sub so its good to beable to look it uo

    • profile image

      JOHN 5 years ago

      When I

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      A girl will work all day,get dressed in the toilet,spray some perfume and add a little lipstick and belive there edible...a man will work all day,go home for a shower n shave,smell nice....when a 69 happens he taste nice and she stinks...fact

    • profile image

      gfdgdf 5 years ago

      why do people think vagina has to smell like FLOWERS. No, if it smelled like flowers then it wouldn't ATTRACT the other person. There's a reason why vagina doesn't have such a spring flavor to it, it has a different smell so it can attract/make the mate turned on. Just wash with water that's all you need. And don't eat so much junk food too, too many women eat chips every single day.

    • profile image

      Markie Elaine 5 years ago


      You need to get laid.

    • profile image

      Barry 5 years ago

      This is disgraceful I can't believe they allow this on hubpages who wants to read about smelly vaginas. Also by the way it's against Adsense terms and conditions to run ads on adult content, which I consider this to be. Reported!

    • profile image

      some chick 5 years ago

      Believe it or not I use deoderant down there after a fresh shave. Deff keeps me from getting razor burn. I just rub it wherever I just shaved. Works like a charm. I also use a 5 blade razor.

    • profile image

      Torii 5 years ago

      Who ever finds this icky or gross is simply immature bc this is a great way to find out info millions of women are too afraid to ask. So keep it up and thanks for the info page hub! :)

    • profile image

      flower 5 years ago

      I want to know how to stop from being itchy when you shave down there and from getting red bumps

    • profile image

      Rose Garden 5 years ago

      I have worn panty liners for years and never have an infection, infections are from lack of hygiene when wiping and sex without hygiene as well. We need to be hygienic with both ends of our bodies--men and women. We all need regular odor control just by being clean. Also, wearing good fabric on your undies are good; using a not too perfumey soap: dr's say, DOVE is good; IVORY, etc. I also use lotion when I am traveling to freshen up my femine areas. I cannot believe some women ignore their vaginas all day. We need to take care of those baby girls

    • profile image

      Somedude 5 years ago

      I love the scent of female urine so if you use wipes after you pee it's actually a turnoff.

    • profile image

      taylor 5 years ago

      Thisis grossbut it helped thx

    • profile image

      DEVILDOG35 6 years ago

      Intimacy sometimes calls for a man to "go down below"! When your face is 2" from your objective is not the time to find out your partner smells like last week’s bait bucket! Guys, make it hard and fast rule to: Never, never, never bring Col. Lingus to your Opening Night Performance! Let the well-protected Helmeted Warrior test the field of combat first! Then, after you have had a chance to "clean-up,” give the ol' Magnum an obligatory sniff and use your judgment from there!

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Great and well shared article you have in here but i don't buy the idea of douching because i feel is not hygienic.

    • tonkin1 profile image

      tonkin1 6 years ago

      I generally agree with the points you gave except the panty liner tip. It's been proved that as you wear panty liners on a daily basis (no matter how often you change it), the humidity and odor down there are increased and it's more likely to cause vaginitis. Anyway, what doesn't work for me might work for others. The rest is good advice. :)

    • profile image

      maria 7 years ago

      Will not wearing underware help.

    • profile image

      Juli 7 years ago

      Hey, my name is julia & all I have to say is how thankfull I am that I went on this website & read everything it said because I started using "pure touch tush wipes" after everytime I use the bathroom & I shave (which I already did before) & I also use panty liners (which I also did before), but then I also found out about the "vagisil" shower gel & it says tht it also blocks the smell well it ALL works great!!!! It doesn't smell down there anymore & I can honestly say that I can walk around confident & I recommend everything you said & to also use the vagisil. Thank you very much & I am a very happy person & very confident too.

    • omcj1234 profile image

      omcj1234 7 years ago

      Wow, who could resist a title like that? Good advice nonetheless, haha.

    • Mr. Carpal Tunnel profile image

      Mr. Carpal Tunnel 7 years ago from PENNSYLVANIA

      OK , sorry I see the ads now so just disreguard the part about the ads in that last comment . lol..

    • Mr. Carpal Tunnel profile image

      Mr. Carpal Tunnel 7 years ago from PENNSYLVANIA

      That was a very funny hub . lol...Needless to say that you are 100% correct that the vagina needs to smell good ! I give this hub two thumbs up ! p.s. You need to sign up for google adsense and get some ads up on your blogs and earn some money from these smelly vagina people ! lol....