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Necessary womans workout clothes

Updated on September 27, 2009

Necessary womans workout clothes

So you decided to go to the gym after many weeks of savings on your rump.  Congratulations!  You have made the decision of a lifetime.  You are probably one out of 100 people that actually make this decision.  Now, you are off to the gym .  You enter the club and decide to workout. You jump on the treadmill and start your 30 minute run.  You tell yourself that if you make it to at least fifteen minutes you have done a great job.  

While on the treadmill you were looking around at the other gym enthusiast.  You notice that they are making you look like you do not know what you are wearing.  In fact, you have decided to wear jeans and a coat to the gym.  What were you thinking?  You tell yourself that this has to change right now.  But what is the best womans workout clothes?  I will tell you at least five clothing items to wear to the gym at all times.

Necessary womans workout clothes:

  • You will want to wear a t-shirt.  The idea here it is to wear a  t-shirt that is not to loose and not too tight.  A loose t-shirt can affect your overall workout.  For example, a dumbbell can get caught in your shirt when curling to form biceps.  A tight t-shirt, on the other hand, will restrict you from having a nice a leisurely workout.  Find a t-shirt that is comfortable and can circulate air, then you will have a winning t-shirt.
  • You will want to wear spandex or jogging pants.  You are not going to the gym with jeans.  If anything, the staff there will kick you out before you have a chance to step onto the workout mat.  Try wearing spandex or a jogging pants that allow you to stretch.  Make sure that they are comfortable.  You do not want to be walking around in pants that are constantly going up your behind!  Therefore, pick your gym pants wisely.
  • You will want to wear 100% cotton socks.  Your socks will accumulate your feet sweat in a focused region.  If you have socks that cannot help regulate that area, you are looking at bad blisters while you are working out.  Therefore, be smart and pick-up some 100% cotton socks for your next workout.
  • You will want to wear indoor running shoes.  Try wearing your outdoor shoes into the gym.  If you are lucky you have a chance to dirty the workout mat.  However, gyms tend to redirect the people wearing those type of shoes back to the change room to put on their indoor running shoes.  Indoor running shoes help keep the gym clean and are good for your feet.  Get yourself some indoor running shoes.

These were some of the most necessary womans workout clothes.  if you decide to be a rebel and where something other than what was mentioned have fun dealing with the staff members of that particular club.  Also, with clothing that is not fit for working out, you will notice that the you are increasing the difficulty of a standard workout.  Therefore, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing because it is this clothing that will help you become successful with your ideal weight. good luck to you and your workout clothes selection.            


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