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Neck Tattoos For Girls

Updated on December 13, 2011

I’ll be quite honest here; I’m not a big fan of tattoos and one of my pet hates are neck tattoos for girls. This is largely because I worry that people will change their minds as they get older and have to live with the consequences throughout their life.

Of course, having a tattoo is an individual choice and some would argue freedom of expression and I wouldn’t argue with that but I do feel there is a large degree of short sightedness that comes into play when people choose their tattoos.

I really don’t mind discreet tattoos such as a small one near the top of the back or somewhere less visible but it seems that people are becoming bolder and bolder and emblazoning band names and girlfriend/boyfriend names in the most visible of places including on the neck. Now to me, it just seems obvious that tastes change as do relationships so to have a boyfriend’s name on a neck tattoo for girls, or other boys come to that is well, plain stupid.

I know of a person who in his misspent youth had a swastika tattooed onto his forehead (he was a Hells Angel). Of course, as he got older and left that life behind, he still had the tattoo. Thankfully he did manage to get it removed but a nasty scar remains.

Even a decorative neck tattoo for girls like this spider may look less attractive later in life
Even a decorative neck tattoo for girls like this spider may look less attractive later in life

And this is also why a neck tattoo for girls or boys is not a great idea. Not only is the tattoo highly visible but it is extremely difficult to cover up once the situation changes. It is highly unlikely that a new boyfriend is going to be very pleased to walk around with a girl who has her ex boyfriend’s name tattooed on her neck for example. Unfortunately though, there may be little that she can do about it, other than to wear turtle neck jumpers, but in summer that could be pretty hot! The skin on the neck is also sensitive and probably not conducive to an effective tattoo removal. The only other option would be to have the tattoo inked out but this in itself would look highly unattractive.

Of course, a more decorative tattoo on a girl’s neck can look quite nice and even quite sexy when done well; but even then, in later and wrinklier life, it’s probably going to look a little ridiculous.

So, for my money anyway, neck tattoos for girls are a no no and hopefully anyone out there considering having this done will reconsider and at the very least, have one done on a more discreet part of the body.


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