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Neil Barrett The British Clothing Designer

Updated on February 20, 2013

A little History

Born in Devon in 1965 Neil Barrett came from a long line of tailors and through his education at the Royal College of Art in London he became well known for his minimal men's wear.

He was spotted by the Italian fashion house Gucci and quickly moved over to Italy where he is still based to this day, Gucci saw great promise in the young designer and it wasn't long before he was promoted to senior menswear designer.

After being at Gucci for over five successful years he moved on Prada where he launched their men's wear collection to great applause. He bought his signature minimalist look to the Prada and cemented their collection as a staple in the fashion world.

Moving on from working under control of a larger design house, Neil decided to produce his own collection in 1999 and then due to his instant success he opened up his first store in Tokyo in 2001.

Since these early day Neil Barrett has became well know for his leather jacket collection as well as his denim line and his own brand clothing has been slowly building up a cult following.

Neil Barrett and the Italian football team

In 2006 Neil Barrett got the chance to design the Italian football kit for the World Cup in the same year, this was a great honor for a non Italian especially as Italy is full of clothing designers.

Neil said that this was a high point in his career and at one point he had a full stadium of fans all wearing his kit singing the Italian national anthem, it is hard to imagine how that must have felt, but I'm sure it would send a shiver or two up your spine.

Neil Barrett Autumn Winter 12/13

As you can see from the video above Neil Barrett's designs are tightly cut and classic in their silhouettes, he uses flashes of colour and interesting dying techniques to make the items stand out.

He has also started to incorporate geometric patterns in to his designs which has added a modernist slant to his collections, this works really well with his already minimalist designs.

The Spring Collection for 2013

The image above is from backstage at Neil Barrett's 2013 men's wear collection run way show, this photo shows clear evidence of the progression of his dying techniques and the results this year look stunning.

You can also see evidence of the influence that street wear has had on him this year with the introduction of a baseball cap, Neil Barrett is not alone in this as a lot of the large fashion houses have looked at the street to give them inspiration over the last few seasons.

Neil has also put forward his offering in this season trend towards leather clothing having made quite a few item this season out of raw leather.

Notable Pieces From 2013

The above images show Neil Barrett's use of geometric shapes and also the great use of leather in this collection, the short are a particular stand out piece and they have out trumped a lot of other fashion houses. The use of toned down colours works really well as his collection resembles a past vision of the future.


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